Fläkt Woods is a market-leading company within the marine high-voltage alternating current (HVAC) market, supplying a wide range of quality products for the marine and offshore industries. The company is the result of a merger in 2002 between Fläkt, a supplier of marine applications products to ships, and Woods, a respected leader in the field of axial flow fans.

Fläkt Woods has a wealth of experience in marine applications and the high demands they place on HVAC products and systems. These products must reliably provide the required indoor climate, regardless of the climate of the area or variables in the environmental conditions.

Fläkt Woods has vast experience in the offshore industry and has designed products to cope with its extreme environmental demands; such as differing climates, explosion-proof applications, seawater cooling and other classification and regulation-related requirements.

Energy-efficient air handling units, air terminal devices, ducts and fans for offshore platforms

Fläkt Woods has all the products needed to build a complete and energy-efficient HVAC system and to create ventilation and comfort in cabins as well as public and service spaces.

The EUMM is a high-performance air handling unit, able to function as a damper, air filter, heat exchanger, fan, cooling and heating coil, dehumidifier and smoke damper.
The Centrimaster series centrifugal fans are available in different styles, depending on demands for air flow or static pressure.
Our heat exchangers and diffusers are conditioned for efficient operation in areas with hot and humid climates.
Miniduct is a circular ductwork for ships and offshore air handling systems.

Our product range comprises air handling units (AHUs), air terminal devices, and ducts and fans, all developed and manufactured specifically for marine and offshore applications. Our manufacturing process is certified under ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EMAS. The aim of Fläkt Woods is to design systems creating a good environment, a suitable indoor climate, and which provide low operating and lifecycle costs.

Air filters, heat exchangers, fans cooling and heating coils, and dehumidifiers

EUMM is a stable, high-performance AHU with a large variety of different functional sections, including damper, air filters, heat exchangers, fans, cooling and heating coils, dehumidifiers and smoke dampers.

EMAA is an evolved version of the EUMM and complies with the standards of the US Public Health Authority and classification societies, such as Lloyds and Veritas.

Centriflow plug fans

Fläkt Woods expands its famous plug fan range with a high-pressure version: Centriflow Plus 3000, an advanced direct-driven plug fan with maximum pressure of 3,000pa. Thanks to our new impeller, direct-driven plug fans can be used in marine and offshore applications where higher pressures are required.

Single and double-inlet centrifugal fans

Consisting of a wide range of fans, up to 50m³ /s and 3300Pa, the Centrimaster series centrifugal fans are forward or backward-curved, depending on demands for air flow or static pressure.

These fans come with a single or double inlet, and the single-inlet style can be either direct or belt driven. Centrimaster double inlet GX-fans are installed inside our AHUs, and fabricated from galvanised steel or painted galvanised steel.

Miniduct for offshore air handling systems

Miniduct is a circular ductwork for ships and offshore air handling systems, including both insulated and non-insulated components. It is lightweight, easy to install and maintain, and combines uniform appearance with robust construction.

Air terminal devices and heat exchangers for humid climates

The air supply units are equipped for single or dual-duct systems. These systems offer individual adjustments of the air flow / temperature, manually or by electrical control, for each unit or single served area. Air flows from 20l/s to 80l/s.

An energy recovery unit consists of a hygroscopic rotor and a drive motor to rotate it. The marine hygroscopic rotor transfers both heat and moisture and is mainly used to decrease installed cooling capacity for the whole HVAC system.

Our heat exchangers are conditioned for efficient operation in hot and humid climate areas. The rotor is made of aluminum with reinforced-edge face surfaces for corrosive environments where our AHU’s are installed.

Cooling and heating coils for water, brine, glycol, steam and refrigerants

The coils are manufactured for cooling and heating ventilation systems, for a variety of media such as water, brines, glycol, steam, and refrigerants. The materials in all marine coils are copper pipes and aluminium, copper or copper-plated fins. The coils are installed in our AHU or separately in the duct systems.

Fläkt Woods supplies spare parts, utilising Fläkt Woods’ global network for any HVAC system to ensure the best accessibility and profitability.