Because every professional is always busy but wants to keep up with latest developments and trends in the market, Heinen & Hopman has come up with a new and fun initiative: the Heinen & Hopman newsflash! As the name already clearly states, this newsflash is intended to keep you informed about our latest developments, events we visited and product improvements thru a short news broadcast.

The first edition is brought to you from the SMM 2012 in Hamburg, which took place in the beginning of September. If you did not attend this event, we ensure you that it was once more a great success and is certainly a must-attend-event for everyone in the nautical industry. The newsflash gives you a taste of the atmosphere, Heinen & Hopman’s corporate developments and client experiences with our global support and service network.

But we won’t spoil all the fun with too much information and let you experience the newsflash for yourself. We hope you enjoy it and look forward to bringing you the next one!

Please view the newsflash here.