Mirador specialises in composite piping systems for shipping and offshore projects. It incorporates unique splicing (jointing) technology and durable pipes and fittings, which meets industrial requirements.

Mirador’s piping systems provide simple and flexible integration with existing systems and ‘off-the-shelf’ components.

Cost savings throughout the product lifecycle

Using quick and simple installation and efficient production processes, Mirador’s recyclable products can achieve cost savings of up to 50%. Weighing a third of conventional systems, the system improve working conditions, reduces handling and transportation costs and ensures easy installation.

The system’s glass reinforced plastic (GRP) material reduces the need for maintenance and replacement in corrosive environments and its production processes require less energy than steel systems, leading to reduced lifecycle costs and an effective environmental performance.

Mirador provides durable lightweight piping systems well suited for shipping and offshore industry.
Quality of joint is ensured when adhesive appears in both vent holes.
Injection gun for two-component adhesive.
O-rings are mounted in fitting to guide pipe and adhesive during installation.
Mirador’s insulation systems can be installed onsite or delivered to the site for assembly.
A minimum amount of jointing is required during the installation process.
Mirador’s piping system is compatible with all standard piping components / systems from external suppliers.

The Mirador piping system is designed for industrial applications such as oil, energy and petrochemical operations, shipping, sea farms, commercial buildings, and manufacturing and process sectors.

Examples of applications include heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC), sea water, service air, firefighting, sewage, inert gas, mild chemicals and other utilities.

Patented, corrosion-resistant piping systems

Mirador’s piping system is particularly tailored for small diameters and industrial applications. Pipes and fittings are designed for working pressure of 12 bar and temperatures from below -50°C up to 90°C.

The piping system combines the benefits of steel, plastic and composite piping systems in one product with attractive properties such as strength, reduced weight, corrosion-resistance and quick installation.

Mirador’s simple and patented splicing technology using adhesive enables quick, flexible and inexpensive installation and excellent quality control.

Approved for jointing metal pipes with the Mirador fittings, its splicing technology enables flexibility in integrating with existing piping systems and efficient use of ‘off the shelf’ components.

Mirador’s piping system reduces risk of bacterial growth due to its smooth and non-porous surfaces.

Injection-moulded, glass reinforced plastic components

Mirador’s pipes are manufactured by a pull-winding method combining heavy axial and transverse glass reinforcement with vinylester in a continuous production process. Due to the high axial stiffness of the pipe, no additional supporting is required when compared with similar systems. The strength of the pipe minimises the risk of damage during both installation and operation.

Mirador’s fittings are injection-moulded using vinylester, and the moulding process is based on the latest thermoset technology.

Pipes and fittings are standardised to the same diameters as steel pipe systems.

Adhesive-enabled piping system installation

Installation of a Mirador piping system takes half the time of a traditional steel system as the pipes are clamped using the same support distances.

The adhesive is applied between the piping and fittings, and it is directed by an O-ring to ensure a 100% applied adhesive surface.

The concept consists of a customised prefabrication method to simplify installation, which is performed according to approved procedures using qualified personnel. Adhesive only provided by Mirador is used for joining pipes and fittings and the installation process requires no ‘hot work’.

Active in developing efficient installation methods and tools, Mirador also conducts tailored certification programmes for installers and provides onsite supervision during installation.

Customised piping insulation process

Mirador piping system may be insulated to meet the needs of the client. Pre-insulated lengths of pipes or prefabricated spools are either supplied to the fabrication site for assembly, be insulated onsite or a combination of both, all in order to obtain the most cost-efficient solution.

Frost prevention includes heat tracing and cables are pulled through an internal duct, minimising the amount of jointing required.

About Mirador

Located in Oslo, Norway, Mirador controls the production and delivery of its piping systems that are based on technology originally developed in Statoil.

Mirador piping systems have been used in demanding conditions in the North Sea, on board vessels, in commercial buildings and in industrial plants in Europe. The company aims to be a leading piping systems supplier based on the quality of its products, solutions and technical support, as well as its speed of delivery.

Mirador piping systemes are approved by Statoil and Borealis, and has Achilles certification.

Mirador ensures the quality of installation through certification of technicians, site supervision and continuous development of installation methods and tools.