Olesen Consult HVAC (OC) provides turnkey HVAC installations based on 33 years of experience from small and large offshore projects on fixed platforms, flouting rigs and jack-ups.

OC is a specialist company operating in the field of offshore HVAC, explosion-proof oil and gas HVAC, flame-proof, marine and offshore air conditioning, as well as HVAC design, construction, installation and maintenance.

Our company skill set allows us to tackle challenging offshore, marine and naval projects to your requirements. As a company focused solely on marine and offshore HVAC/R systems, OC understands what you need in your place of business. OC knows that when you’re out in deep water and counting on your equipment, it has to be done right – the first and only time.

Marine and offshore HVAC/R systems

Whether you require offshore or marine engineering and consulting services, beginning-to-end project management for marine, offshore or naval projects, or HVAC/R construction, manufacturing and support, OC can get the job done.

Exhaust over a test bench for oil mud, showing the smoke behaviour indicating the air movement.
OC provides turnkey HVAC installations for offshore fixed platforms, flouting rigs and jack-ups.
We provide noise reduction analysis and installed solutions for fans with narrow bandwidths.
HVAC products have been designed specifically to meet the stringent requirements for marine and offshore applications.
OC provides a range of marine and offshore HVAC equipment.

We have developed a range of HVAC products specifically for the marine and offshore oil and gas industry with an excellent solution for HVAC in shale shaker rooms with near laminar flow. This solution has been used for HVAC in high-pollution areas too, which has allowed smokers and non-smokers to be in the same room without the non-smokers being able to smell the tobacco smoke. Our 40,000m³/hr (145mm WG) HVAC supply cabinets have been designed for room noise level of 50dB(A).

HVAC products have been designed specifically to meet the stringent requirements for marine and offshore applications. To develop mariner equipment, it was necessary go back to the basic equipment and design from the bottom up and establish a design to ensure long equipment lifecycle and reliability. The key to our product design is flexibility in design, capacity, dimensions, materials and area classification.

Marine and offshore HVAC equipment

OC delivers the following HVAC equipment for the marine and offshore oil, gas and energy industry:

  • Air handling units
  • Air-cooled condensing units
  • Packaged skids
  • Air-cooled chillers
  • Water chillers
  • HVAC control packages

Utilising our standard construction method, each unit is specifically designed to comply with project requirements.

Offshore HVAC system design and installation

HVAC systems are designed and installed with the utmost care and thought given to the reliability of the design and equipment performance at the lowest cost and weight, and for the required equipment lifecycle.

Detailed air pressure drop calculations for the installation are always carried out. Motors and drives for AHUs or fans are selected on this basis. Engineering documentation is of the utmost importance through all phases of installation.

Offshore installations will always require third-party certification by world-renowned agencies such Veritas, Lloyds, ABS, etc., for compliance with specifications.

Offshore HVAC services

With customers such as Statoil, Norsk Hydro, BP-Amoco, Aker Offshore Partner, ABB Offshore System, Maersk Contractors Norge, Odfjell Drilling, Smedvig, Odfjell, ConocoPhillips (COP), Polycrest, Stolt Offshore / Acergy / Subsea 7, we can offer a professional project competence.

Our services include offshore surveys, designing, building, installing and commissioning product solutions to meet customer needs, supplying replacement parts at trade discounts, and providing resources from our rapid reaction pool of skilled technicians.

We are a member of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers.