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Allied Metrics

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals, O-Rings and Oil Seals

2 Wilson Dr,
07871 New Jersey,
United States of America

2 Wilson Dr,
07871 New Jersey,
United States of America

Allied Metrics is a manufacturer and distributor of hydraulic and pneumatic seals, o-rings and oil seals and gaskets for industrial markets across the globe. With state-of-the-art maching and fabrication equipment, Allied Metrics can custom-make any seal, be it short or long run, or a single part for repairs.

Allied Metrics offers:

  • No mould charges
  • Same-day shipping (call for availability, special expediting charges apply)
  • Delivery on demand with short cycle times
  • Custom design to customer specifications
  • Short runs
  • Long runs
  • Prototype parts
  • Emergency repairs

O-ring solid rubber seals

O-ring seals are designed to block the passage of liquid or gases, forming either a static or dynamic seal depending on whether or not the seal needs to be fixed or can reciprocate / rotate respectively.

Allied Metrics’ o-rings come in PTFE, silicone, viton, buna and EPDM, as well as specialty-grade materials such as medical-grade class VI o-rings, NSF, FDA and 3A sanitary grades. O-rings range from 25-90 durometer on the shore A hardness scale.

Oil seals

Allied Metrics’ high quality oil seals are extremely durable and keep any lubricant from escaping through the equipment, keeping the machine running as smoothly as possible and preventing any potentially harmful contaminants (dirt, fluids, etc.) from seeping into the machines.

Allied Metrics’ oil seals are ideal for any machinery that seals hydraulic fluid, including pumps, automotives and cylinder manufacturers, and are also useful for applications that focus on rebuilding pumps rather than creating them.

Hydraulic seals for cylinders and pumps

Allied Metrics are well known in the industry for their longevity and durability, and are used by many well-known OEMs in food, pharmaceutical, pneumatic and hydraulic applications.

The company’s hydraulic seals range from 4mm to 1,000mm and can be custom created. Allied Metrics’s offerings also include rod and piston seals.

Standard products can be delivered in approximately one week, and custom products between four to six weeks.

Bonded seals

Bonded seals are ideal for high-pressure applications where other types of seals are insufficient. Allied Metrics’ bonded seals are available in self-centralising form for wasy installation and seal offset elimination.

Available sizes include imperial, German metric and French metric, and the seals can be made in buna, viton, silicone and EPDM as well as others.

X-ring / square ring for static and dynamic seals

X-rings’ four-lobbed design gives double the sealing surface of standard o-rings and requires less pressure, thereby creating less friction and wear. The four-lobbed construction stablises the seal, avoids twisting and allows a narrower groove width than standard o-rings. However it can also be used in standard o-ring grooves.

Available materials are buna, viton, silicone, EPDM, urethane and PTFE.

Wearbands and guide rings

Wearbands avoid metal / metal contact between piston-rod and bore-gland, as well as absorbing transverse loads. Good load capacity and smooth operation are achieved via filled PTFE material.

Wearbands protect sealing lips from contamination and dieseling, as well as allowing higher static loads.

Allied Metrics Seals & Fasteners, Inc.

2 Wilson Dr



New Jersey

United States of America