Holmatro develops, produces, tests and delivers mechanical and high-pressure hydraulic equipment for the offshore industry, including pulling cylinders, multipurpose cylinders, industrial cutters, locknut cylinders, pumps and rescue equipment.

Our hydraulic solutions are predominantly used in rescue, special tactics and industrial applications, all of which require reliable and safe tools in high-pressure situations.

Safe and durable hydraulic tools for oil and gas applications

All Holmatro products are designed with the safe use of immense power in mind. Regular maintenance and certification, as well as the safe and proper use of hydraulic equipment, are essential.

Holmatro’s hydraulic equipment and system solutions are predominantly used in rescue, special tactics and industrial applications
We use highly durable and environmentally friendly components in the manufacture of our products.
We can also develop complex, customer-specific solutions.

We manufacture our hydraulic tools and systems in-house using advanced production processes and automation. We use highly durable components, seals and guides to improve product lifespan. All of our tools are tested following production or repair, including additional tests in our quality control department.

Our services include maintenance, repairs and regular inspection and testing of Holmatro equipment. This inspection programme comprises tests for checking tool condition, reliability and safety.

Environmentally friendly products compliant with international standards

Our state-of-the-art production facilities in the Netherlands and the United States maintain high levels of quality and robustness. Tools are developed, manufactured and retained to conform to high standards of durability, side load, mechanical distortion and overpressure.

Products are made at both sites under the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard and the SCC* Safety Health and Environment (SHE) Checklist Contractors. Our products comply with all international standards such as the European EN 13204, EN 13731 and the American NFPA 1936.

We are dedicated to operating in an environmentally sustainable manner. We use environmentally friendly materials for our products and processes, as well as strive to minimise our waste. We also invest in social innovation and business projects in the fields of ICT, operations, and business intelligence among others to help us continuously develop better products and services while optimising energy consumption.

Customer-specific solutions for the offshore industry

We also work to develop complex, customer-specific solutions. By combining our product knowledge with the customer’s practical knowledge, we are capable of combining experience from the market with the latest technology. The results are user-friendly hydraulic systems that work faster and safer, with a higher degree of control.

About Holmatro

Holmatro was established in the Netherlands in 1967 as a trader in high-pressure hydraulic equipment for the shipbuilding industry. Today, it designs, develops, manufactures and supplies high-pressure hydraulic industrial equipment and rescue equipment for specialised industries worldwide. Holmatro’s industrial products are innovative, high-quality and effective under diverse conditions.

With offices in the Netherlands, the US and China, including an extensive dealer network, we focus on producing high-performance solutions for specific markets and applications.