IHC Vremac Cylinders is a designer and manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders, swivels and (piston) accumulators. We specialise in hydraulic cylinders to operate in harsh environments, such as dredging, offshore, civil (bridges and locks) and heavy machinery.

We have been involved in the production of cylinders from the moment our company was founded 50 years ago. Over the last 20 years, IHC Vremac Cylinders has steadily shifted its focus towards the production of custom-made hydraulic cylinders. What we and our clients design, we produce in Apeldoorn.

IHC Vremac Cylinders is experienced in working on offshore projects and delivers all necessary certifications.

Hydraulic cylinders for the offshore industry

Sound engineering has produced an attractive range of standard products. With standard cylinders, we mean cylinders with a proven technology. Our production processes are well developed, resulting in short delivery times and competitive prices.

For the last 20 years, IHC Vremac Cylinders has focused on the production of custom-made hydraulic cylinders.
More than 75% of our cylinders are custom-made and newly engineered.
MaXine for safe and efficient control at high sea states.
IHC Vremac Cylinders is experienced in working on offshore projects and delivers all necessary certifications.
We can deliver / manufacture spare parts for every cylinder.

Custom-made hydraulic cylinders

We will search for and find the solution that fits your equipment. Our speciality is an open mind, creativity and a proactive attitude. With the right questions asked we will find the best solution. More than 75% of our orders are custom-made and newly engineered.

Swivels for cranes and mobile applications

Swivels are used in cranes and mobile applications. They transfer the hydraulic oil, gas and/or electricity from the base structure to the rotating frame.

The design of IHC Vremac’s cylinders has been tested and proven over the last 25 years in many different kinds of applications and conditions. This has given us extensive experience so that we know what is important for your swivel. In many cases, this will not be a standard off-the-shelf-design. Therefore, we are happy to work in close cooperation with your design team to finalise the right solution.

Features of IHC Vremac’s swivels:

  • One-off to series production of 500 a year
  • 100 bar to 350 bar operating pressure (or more)
  • Two times 1/2in BSP up to 16 times 2in SAE 6,000 psi (or more)
  • Weight: 6kg to 3t
  • Hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical

Cylinder wear parts / spares

We can supply you with all the new components needed to overhaul your IHC Vremac cylinder (or other brands). The components are all from first-class (original) manufacturers. We have large quantities of cylinder parts in stock, for example:

  • Seal kits
  • Pistons
  • Piston rods
  • Cleavis, etc.

Cylinder research, development and engineering

At IHC Vremac Cylinders we invest in research and development. More than 75% of the orders we receive involve newly engineered cylinders. We are proud to say that we always provide solutions to the needs of our clients with designs based on and backed by evidence and reliability. There are always several projects undergoing R&D. By doing so, we are able to provide clients with answers to their questions.

Due to our intensive R&D programme, two patents have been submitted. Both of these involve a method of increasing the corrosion and wear resistance of our cylinders.

Once a new technology has been developed, we consider it our job to remain in close contact with our clients. One of our important values at IHC Vremac Cylinders is co-makership. From the start of a new project, our engineers work in close contact with the client’s engineers. Together, we work towards the development of the best solution.

High-quality cylinder manufacture

As a former mechanical engineering company our factory is well-equipped. Every step of manufacturing a cylinder can be done in-house and the knowledge of each production process is available. To stay flexible we have gathered a strong network of suppliers around us.

We understand the complexity of manufacturing high-quality cylinders. Assembling a cylinder (or an accumulator or a swivel joint) is an accurate job. Dealing with heavy components and a tight tolerance demands craftsmanship. Our production employees are well-trained and extremely motivated to deliver a complicated product.

Design and pressure-tested cylinders

All of our cylinders are tested to design and test pressure. Together with the test, the final inspection and measurements control of the cylinder takes place. Our clients are invited to come over to our production facility to witness the test programme and final inspection themselves.

After sales and repair services for cylinders

The scope of after sales and repair is easy. Once sold, we can deliver / manufacture spare parts for every cylinder. We have built up a ‘repair database’ with all our historic repairs. We know the critical parts and keep these in stock. It is important for us to maintain contact with our customers, especially for after sales.

With our expertise we offer a cost-effective repair solution, and may sometimes advise our customers to buy a new cylinder if a repair is not possible. The size and manufacturer of the cylinder does not matter to us – we will take care of it.