rotary and linear actuators

NV Mechanics Design is a highly regarded subsea engineering company, based in Vancouver, BC, on Canada’s west coast. The company offers a wide range of professionally engineered rugged solutions for both land and marine-based applications.

Quality manufactured rotary and linear actuators

NV Mechanics Design designs and manufactures subsea rotary and linear actuators. The electric motors (brush or brushless) and gearboxes are ideal for underwater applications, and the compact design is suitable for a wide range of tasks. Housings are machined from lightweight hard-anodised aluminium and shafts are 17PH to 4PH stainless steel. Both internal and external oil-filled pressure compensators are also available.

Quality manufactured hydraulic manifolds

NV Mechanics Design carries an inventory of off-the-shelf aluminium hydraulic manifolds rated to 3000psi. Higher-pressure (6,000psi) steel manifolds, along with custom-designed aluminium units are produced in the company’s machine shop.

NV Mechanics Design offers quality manufactured rotary and linear actuators.
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Subsea rotary actuators.
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Stock and custom hydraulic manifolds.

Custom-manufactured subsea pressure housings

The company provides one-atmosphere pressure vessels / electronic housings, which are designed and calculated in accordance with 1990 ABS rules for building and classing underwater vehicles, systems and hyperbaric facilities, Section 6.19. Static finite element analysis (FEA) is performed on all designed components.

Hydrostatic pressure testing

Hydrostatic pressure testing can be provided using our test chamber, complete with technicians to assist with set up and customer-specific test programmes.

Constructed of carbon steel seamless pipe and carbon steel flange / plate, the chamber is 220in long with a 24in internal diameter and is designed to carry an internal pressure of 30,000 lbf/in². It is fitted with multiple mechanical and electrical hull penetrations that can be custom configured to accept sensors, power supplies and other equipment required for testing. Video and internal lighting are also provided.

Engineered mechanical design solutions

NV Mechanics Design offers complete mechanical engineering design and analysis services for the development of rugged or hazardous environmental systems and components. Applications include surface, underground, shipboard and subsea, in strict compliance with current codes and standards. The company presents clients with a practical, economical and safe design.

Typical pre-design activities include a review of system requirements and the operating environment, followed by a review of existing product design and fabrication requirements, scoping and a detailed stress analysis, as well as determining specifications and regulatory constraints. NV Mechanics Design will provide technical information and work with you on defining system requirements.

NV Mechanics Design will provide technical information and work with you on defining system requirements.

Manufacturing services

NV Mechanics Design provides technical information concerning manufacturing techniques and materials. The company advises customers on process advantages and limitations. It thinks outside the box to find creative solutions that keep cost and quality in mind.

Design engineers work closely with NV Mechanics Design’s machine shop staff and are heavily involved in the assembly and testing of the systems the company manufactures.

Instrumentation / wireline winches

NV Mechanics Design is a recognised leader in the design, manufacture and commissioning of industrial electrical or hydraulic winches. The company has delivered industrial / instrumentation winches, many incorporating on-the-fly adjustable active-level wind control for a variety of applications requiring umbilical / tether cable lengths to 15,000ft or more.

NV Mechanics Design’s winches are commonly used in the following applications:

  • ROV handling system operations
  • Oil and gas downhole inspections
  • Wireline winches
  • Subsea drilling (underwater wireline winches)
  • Pipe and tunnel inspections
  • Conductivity, temperature and depth (CTD) and hydrographic winches

Winches with active heave compensation and level-wind control

As well as incorporating all the features required for safe winch operation, NV Mechanics Design winches include active heave compensation (AHC) and active level wind control capabilities. AHC reduces the influence of waves on offshore operations, while electronic level wind control means you can change the cable or umbilical diameter without changing the mechanism.

The company’s winches are also equipped with optical and electrical slip rings for high-definition video and data transmission, a load cell for tension monitoring, as well as a brake system. All of these features are optional and based on customer requirements.

Retrofit existing winch systems

Give new life to an old electric or hydraulic winch with a new level wind assembly. NV Mechanics Design can refurbish your existing winch system with a new level wind module regardless of length and size of the drum, and whether it is a hydraulic or electric motor. It is an add-on module to your winch, which requires only 110VAC or 220VAC, and comes with PLC control and LCD display included. Give new life to an old electric or hydraulic winch with a new level wind assembly.

Offshore personnel hire

NV Mechanics Design offers skilled technicians and engineers who are dedicated to providing solutions for clients’ offshore manning requirements. Personnel are fully qualified, trained and experienced to work worldwide on offshore installations, marine support vessels, barges and land-based installations.

Winches and subsea equipment for rental

NV Mechanics Design offers instrumentation / wireline winches and associated deck machinery for rental. The company also maintains an extensive stock of spare components and assemblies.