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Custom Hydraulic Cylinders and Systems

Regnier is a designer and manufacturer of custom hydraulic cylinders and systems for all types of applications in numerous industrial branches, with expertise in heavy-duty and high-technological cylinders.

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Regnier is a designer and manufacturer of custom hydraulic cylinders and systems for all types of applications in numerous industrial branches, with expertise in heavy-duty and high-technological cylinders.

Offshore custom-built hydraulic cylinders

As an experienced supplier for the marine and offshore industry, Regnier manufactures custom hydraulic cylinders designed to comply with the high level of quality and reliability required by offshore technologies.

With strong engineering skills and large machining capacities, we are able to produce cylinders for a wide range of offshore applications, including submerged equipment. We use our know-how to develop the best-adapted solutions for the customer’s specifications. Our offshore products are fitted with the most advanced technologies to guarantee an extended lifetime in this harsh environment.

Machining capacities include bore diameter up to 1,300mm (51in) and cylinder stroke up to 16m (52ft).

98 hydraulic cylinders, diameter 280mm x 180mm, stroke 1,050mm with ceramic coating, fitted with manifolds, hydraulic controls and accumulators.
Four hydraulic cylinders diameter 360mm x 140mm, stroke 7,000mm with ceramic coating, fitted with linear stroke measurement SENSO'R.
Two A-frame crane cylinders, diameter 500mm x 350mm, stroke 4,500mm, fitted with hydraulic manifold and linear stroke measurement.
Two skidding cylinders diameter 520mm x 250mm, stroke 1,250mm with ceramic coating, fitted with linear stroke measurement.
12 telescopic cylinders with plasma sprayed metal as rod coating, operating in a highly corrosive area on pipelay vessels.

Regnier can manufacture a wide range of custom hydraulic cylinders and equipment:

  • Single acting plunger cylinder
  • Double acting cylinder
  • Long stroke cylinder
  • Large bore cylinder
  • Telescopic cylinder
  • Oscillation / vibrating cylinder
  • High-speed cylinder
  • High-pressure cylinder
  • Rotating cylinder
  • Full stainless-steel cylinder (operating with water)
  • Submerged cylinder
  • Piston accumulator
  • Swivel joint
  • Complete hydraulic system

We are used to working with certifying companies such as DNV, Germanischer Lloyd, ABS, etc. As part of our services, we provide the complete documentation, including manufacturing data, certification, commissioning and operation instructions.

Specific project management for the offshore industry

Schedules in offshore projects are highly demanding. Understanding the customers’ need to get accurate and quick updates on the progress of the project, Regnier offers a rigorous project management backed up by our ERP, on which our customers can access the production planning. During the engineering step, they can download CAD models and comment on drawings to accelerate the information flow. Thanks to this good project management and our flexible production, we can deal with very short delivery times.

Special rod coatings for marine and offshore applications

Corrosion is one of the main issues in offshore technologies. Following our experiences and technical progress, we have extended our range of coatings to bring our customers the best adapted solution according to the location and application of the cylinder.

We offer a wide range of rod coatings, including:

  • Nickel-chromium electroplated
  • Ceramic: good protection against corrosion
  • Thermal sprayed metal: excellent corrosion, chemical and wear resistance

Regnier coatings can withstand the most severe environments, offering excellent resistance to corrosion, wear and shocks. These coatings have an expected lifespan of more than 20 years.

Offshore cylinders fitted with sensors

Automated systems need stroke measurement. For many years, Regnier has provided various solutions integrated to the cylinder, such as a linear position transducer (up to 7m strokes) and the SENSO’R, our encoder for long strokes and telescopic cylinders.

Offshore cylinder maintenance

Regnier is also a partner for the end-users of equipment. We use our production capacities and know-how to recondition and improve hydraulic cylinders. To ensure short delivery times, Regnier stocks a wide variety of bars, tubes and components.

Complete hydraulic systems for offshore applications

We provide hydraulic solutions for our customers. That solution includes the complete hydraulic package: cylinder, hydraulic power unit and control panel, all designed and manufactured according to your specifications.

Offshore hydraulic cylinders and systems

We supply cylinders and systems for many offshore applications, such as :

  • Pipelay systems
  • Deck handling equipment (cranes, lifts, A-frames, PLET handling device)
  • Skidding cylinders
  • Jacking cylinders
  • Dredges equipment
  • Ship control (rudder actuators, roll stabiliser actuators, sails tensioner)
  • Winches
  • Submarine systems (submarine periscops, trench digging plow, submersibles)
  • Windmill pitch actuator

Recently Regnier has successfully delivered the following projects:

  • Technip / 550 t PLSV / 98 hydraulic cylinders, diameter: 280mm x 180mm, stroke: 1,050mm
  • GlobalPetrotech / Oriental 1 / 2 jacking cylinders, diameter: 555mm x 444mm, stroke: 1,886mm
  • Mc Dermott / North Ocean 105 / 32 cylinders for the pipelay system
  • Technip / Skandi Victoria / 2 E-frame cylinders, diameter 500mm x 350mm, stroke 4,500mm and 45 cylinders + accumulators for the pipelay system
  • Jubilee project / PLET handling device / five hydraulic cylinders


Our facilities are strategically located in France, near to major ports and airports, so Regnier can easily deliver all around the world. In addition, we have created a service workshop in Port-Gentil, Gabon to bring our services to the oil and gas companies located in west Africa.

Established in 1976, Regnier combines experience and dynamism. Constantly developing we are keen to take on new challenges and new applications for our products. Don’t hesitate to contact us to help you on your project.

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    Designer and manufacturer of custom hydraulic cylinders and systems for all types of applications and industries, Regnier is an expert in heavy-duty and high-tech solutions.

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