Underwater weld inspection with the Sensima eddy current tester

Sensima Inspection is happy to celebrate with the underwater NDT community a year of successful utilisation of its UW eddy current (UWEC) tester. The equipment enables BS 1711:2000 to be applied to UW welds.

The most recent project was conducted early this month by the diver company Shape of the World to inspect underwater welds at an offshore location in the Atlantic Ocean. Recent developments to the inspection setup include a full duplex audio connection and simultaneous display of the impedance plane on an UW monitor. This enables both the diver and the inspector located on the surface to view the same information. In particular, the diver can directly monitor the probe response as displayed by the Sensima ‘UPECView’ software. More details on the UWEC tester here.

All in all, a brilliant demonstration that this Sensima equipment can perform a practical application of the BS 1711:2000 standard for UW NDT!