Archaeological & Heritage Management Solutions (AHMS) is a pre-eminent heritage and archaeological consultancy servicing Australia and the Asia-Pacific region since 1998. We are specialists in strategic heritage planning, heritage conservation and risk management for clients who require certainty and control over their costs, time-frames and delivery. AHMS is set apart by our commitment to quality heritage management, investment in our people and close engagement with our clients to understand their needs, manage their risks and provide positive heritage outcomes.

Heritage consulting expertise

The cornerstone of our unique approach to project delivery and risk management is our highly skilled team. We have an ongoing commitment to ensure that more than 50% of our team are senior consultants and specialists with extensive experience and a demonstrated ability to provide resolution of complex heritage management issues and minimise our clients’ risks. Our commitment to senior expertise is unmatched in the heritage consulting industry and ensures we bring consistent high quality to all our projects. We have specialists in archaeological analysis, excavation and conservation advice, community consultation, strategic planning and cultural values mapping. AHMS provides innovative management solutions that are carefully crafted to meet our clients’ individual needs.

Heritage assessment and management

Our teams based in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth provide a single point of service for all your heritage assessment and management requirements on projects across Australia and the Asia-Pacific. Our work ranges from small-scale development impact assessments to large construction and infrastructure projects such as the National Broadband Network and Chevron Australia’s construction of the Gorgon and Wheatstone LNG plants in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Our Asia-Pacific work ranges from heritage assessments and management planning for World War II battlefield sites along the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea to expert contributions to the International Forensic Team working in East Timor.

Some of the services we offer include:

An AHMS archaeologist records an artefact.
An AHMS team conducts a pedestrian survey.
A consultant records an Aboriginal site for a site avoidance survey.
An AHMS archaeologist conducts a pedestrian survey for a work area clearance.
An archaeologist records an Aboriginal site.
An AHMS heritage consultant records a rock shelter.
We conduct surveys and records of caves of cultural significance, like this one in Pilbara, Western Australia.
An AHMS consultant records a rock shelter.
A consultant records a historical archaeological site in Perth CBD, WA.
An AHMS crew monitors a historical archaeological site in Perth, Western Australia.
  • Aboriginal heritage assessments, including: desktop studies, work programme and work area clearance surveys, site avoidance surveys and site identification surveys
  • Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 (WA) approvals (Section 16 and 18 applications)
  • Historical and maritime archaeological survey and assessment
  • Archaeological excavations
  • Archaeological salvage
  • Geographic information systems (GIS)
  • Strategic management planning
  • Cultural heritage management plans (CHMPs)
  • Archaeological and forensic investigation of cemeteries, burials, mass graves and battlefields
  • Conservation management plans
  • Built, landscape and heritage curtilage assessment
  • Aboriginal heritage investigation reports
  • Indigenous stakeholder engagement
  • Cultural values mapping
  • Native title
  • Programme implementation, auditing and stakeholder management
  • Artefact analysis and radiometric dating

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Health, safety and the environment

AHMS employees abide by strict safety standards. This has been achieved by creating a specialised health, safety and environment (HSE) system that covers and plans all components of our work.

Every stage of the project is discussed between all relevant staff, while procedures have been set in place to provide assurances that safety standards are being maintained. This includes, but is not limited to, prestart vehicle checks, toolbox meetings, driver fatigue tests and job hazard analyses (JHAs). This ensures that safe working practices are always adhered to wherever we are working. This high degree of safety standards permits our clients to reduce the risk of delays and costs compared to our competitors, knowing that AHMS is prepared to handle all possible circumstances.