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Weather Forecasting, Consultancy, Metocean Data and Studies

Global MeteOcean (GMO) provides high-standard meteorological and oceanographic consultancy services worldwide.

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Global MeteOcean (GMO) provides high-standard meteorological and oceanographic consultancy services worldwide. GMO uses global model data output produced by the major national weather agencies spread out on every continent.

Our in-house capabilities based on the latest technology in atmospheric and oceanographic high-resolution modelling, combined with the use of the most advanced weather software, enables us to produce precise metocean data and accurate weather forecasts. Our strong experience through various projects all over the world assures that your weather sensitive operations will be undertaken safely and efficiently.

Metocean data and accurate weather forecasts

What GMO supplies:

  • Detailed and accurate weather forecasts with tendency up to 15 days ahead
  • Specific monitoring and warning forecasts in tropical areas (cyclone track, squalls)
  • Spectral swell forecasting up to seven days ahead
  • Ship routing and barge towing weather assistance
  • Aviation forecasts for helicopter operations
  • Five days ahead detailed sea current forecasting
  • High-resolution wind, wave and sea current forecast data
  • Web-based application to help decision makers to spot optimum weather windows for daily operations scheduling (OPTIwins ©)
  • Offshore support with deployment of meteorologists who have strong experience in various complicated weather patterns and know the offshore industry very well
  • 24/7 services and access to an experienced meteorologist for weather briefings and consultation
  • Metocean and historical studies (wind, wave, current, temperature, precipitation, cyclones, etc.)
  • Past weather analysis based on satellite measurements, model data and in-situ measurements when available

Weather forecast support for the marine and offshore industry

GMO’s advanced and innovative technology has been continuously implemented in order to provide accurate and detailed forecasts products customised to the client’s operational requirements and delivered in a timely manner.

Global MeteOcean provides high-quality real-time metocean services to support sensitive works such as rig moves, offshore installations, barge towing, drilling operations, seismic surveys, heavy lifting, and pipe and cable laying.
GMO’s experienced specialists uses advanced technology to supply the most reliable metocean information 24/7 as well as expert consultation closely with client's operational team.
Our in-house powerful computation system enables us to process high-resolution nested-atmospheric and oceanographic models to ensure the most accurate forecast data for the complete range of parameters.
GMO assists your operations at all stages by providing high-quality statistical metocean data and characterisation for design criteria and operating limit purposes, ensuring safety and optimisation for your project.
Offshore operational decision-making process requires quality of information integrated into an exploitable real-time system. As a response GMO proposes the OPTIwins© (Optimum Weather Window Scheduler), to improve safety and efficiency during daily operations.

GMO maintains two operations centres in SE Asia and Europe, and aims to keep the highest standards for all weather and oceanographic support to any sensitive projects. Our pool of meteorologists is very experienced in offshore operations and provides high-quality support to your business, which they fully understand, all around the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our advanced forecasting system is customisable for every client’s requirements.

Metocean studies for long-term preparation, downtime assessment and voyage planning

Depending on parameters required we provide wind, wave, current, tide and surge by month and/or direction, average of extreme values for different return periods at a given location (anywhere in the world in deep and shallow water). Using state-of-the-art statistical methods, those reports are suitable for designing fixed or floating structures, wind farm, well construction, maritime navigation, etc.

A worldwide climatological database is processed from global to high-resolution output thanks to in-house powerful computing calculation. Data processing is also combined with satellite data and observational measurement series from available weather stations to produce accurate and reliable studies.

Cyclone track forecasting and squall warning

Accurate tropical weather forecasts will help when extreme conditions generated by the passage of a cyclone may lead to adopt particular safety procedures in order to face the storm. The precise knowledge of the development and movement of the tropical phenomena, which we offer with this service, is an indispensable support tool for decision-making within the framework of the application of these procedures. In order to better answer this need, we offer the cyclone track and squall warning services.

On-site dedicated weather specialists to assist with metocean data

GMO’s meteorologists are all experienced in offshore support for various major projects around the world. You will benefit from a full support of a dedicated specialist assigned to your specific project, supplying and translating detailed metocean data.

These specialists have a very good understanding of our client’s requirements and their practical meteorological skills in many complicated weather patterns enables them to increase the accuracy of the information they provide which can be essential during highly sensitive operations.

Web-based forecast data solution / scheduler

Thanks to its worldwide experience, Global MeteOcean has been continuously developing the most reliable and powerful web-based operational solution to enable project managers and their teams to undertake safely and efficiently any weather limited works.

OPTIwins© (Optimum Weather Window Scheduler) is specially designed to provide high-quality information through a professional and friendly user interface, producing charts, maps, alerts, time series and graphs. It provides high-resolution forecast data up to 0.1° resolution, with detailed metocean parameters, including weather, wind at various heights, significant wave, swell, sea current, tide, etc.

About Global MeteOcean

Singapore-based GMO strives to offer professional solutions of unrivalled quality using the most innovative and advanced technology. Our specialists provide expert consultation and are committed to extensive analysis that goes beyond the basic data, giving GMO the competitive edge. Advanced specialists have over 50 years’ combined operational experience. Data preparation and expert consultation is guaranteed for each report.


  • Dougga Gas Condensate Discovery

    The Dougga gas condensate field is located in the Sicily channel in the Gulf of Hammamet offshore Tunisia in a water depth of 328m.

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