Oy KATI, a leading Finnish drilling contractor company specialised in ore prospecting, has recently invested in the latest downhole survey technology, manufactured and designed by Stockholm Precision Tools (SPT).

In line with Finland’s innovative high-tech companies, KATI’s management demands the most effective, reliable and high-quality technology in the equipment and tools they choose to use, in order to provide their clients with the best possible service and cost-effective solutions ensuring high return of their investments.

The visit of engineers from Oy KATI to the premises of SPT in Sweden confirmed the north-seeking GyroTracer™ as being the fastest, most reliable and accurate north-seeking gyroscope currently in use in the oil, gas and mining industry, that also met their exacting technical and environmental standards.

Aware of the importance of timely and accurate survey measurements, Oy KATI has chosen SPT’s north-seeking GyroTracer because of the precise survey data it generates, which will not only provide their clients with high-quality and valuable data on the geology of an area and ore deposits, but will also help to prevent costly errors, that could lead to the loss of their client’s investments in drilling operations, as well as general environmental damage.

The north-seeking GyroTracer is a downhole directional survey and orientation tool. Comprising of the latest technology, this SPT system uses a gyro-compassing method to find direction. As it is a north-seeking gyro, all measurements are in reference to the geographic north. Unlike other downhole survey or magnetic tools, the GyroTracer is not affected by magnetic interference, all of which ensures reliable directional survey data in the most remote areas of the world, under extreme conditions.

Proven by the accurate results consistently achieved by clients globally, the north-seeking GyroTracer stands as the best solution for any drilling company that aims to be at the forefront of its competitors.