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Teledyne Gavia is a leading manufacturer of modular, low logistics autonomous underwater vehicles for commercial, scientific and defence sectors. Typical applications include bathymetric / sub-bottom / side scan surveys, pipeline and platform inspections, post-hurricane inspection, pre / post lay, build and sub-bottom surveys, exploration and construction support, and UXO / MCM surveys.

Teledyne Gavia is a division of Teledyne Technologies. This affiliation gives Gavia the support of a large diverse organisation whose companies design and manufacture leading underwater sensors, connectors, communications and positioning systems.

Low logistics autonomous underwater vehicles

The Gavia AUVs are man-portable, low logistics AUVs capable of performing complete commercial surveys (side scan, bathymetry, and sub-bottom). They can be deployed from the shore, small craft, or vessel of opportunity. Their relative small footprint and broad capabilities make them an asset to any operation.

Gavia AUVs are fully modular, with field-swappable components that give operators great flexibility. Modules can be swapped in-situ to change batteries or sensors as mission criteria changes. Both standard and custom modules are available.

Navigation and communication options

The Gavia AUV offers a variety of solutions for navigation and positioning. Available equipment includes a high-accuracy DGPS-ready receiver for surface navigation, high-precision DVL-aided INS and direct-sound velocity meter for in-water navigation. Ultra-short baseline (USBL) and long baseline (LBL) positioning solutions can also be added to improve positioning and accuracy on survey routes and for other deep water applications.

Communication options include wireless LAN, Iridium and acoustic modem.

Diverse payloads

Gavia AUVs can carry a variety of payloads and sensors including side scan, swath bathymetry, sub bottom profiler, cameras, and an array of environmental sensors. Custom payload modules for user-defined sensors are also available.

AUVs for research, monitoring and surveillance

The Gavia AUV can carry an array of sensors and custom payload modules that make it perfect for any research, monitoring or surveillance task. The key features of the Gavia AUV are its relatively small size (man portable), and its modular design, which allows users to change sensors and batteries as needed. The system has the greatest depth rating in its class (500m and 1,000m) and is used for a variety of tasks for military, commercial and scientific applications.

About the Gavia autonomous underwater vehicle programme

The Gavia autonomous underwater vehicle programme began in 1997 as a joint project between Hafmynd ehf of Reykjavik, Iceland, and the University of Iceland to develop improved capability remote sensing solutions with unmanned vehicles. Initial Gavia vehicles were sold to domestic customers in Iceland starting in 2000. Shortly thereafter, they gained international appeal with scientific users who understood the benefits of the modular construction and custom payload design.

Since 2008 the Gavia AUV has increasingly been used by commercial survey companies. Hafmynd ehf was acquired by Teledyne Benthos, a subsidiary of Teledyne Technologies, in 2010.

Jet Array Pumping System Using Turnkey Sonar and Monitoring Solution

Perched on the bank of the Chehalis River in Aberdeen, Washington, US, is Terminal #4, a 1,400ft marine terminal at the Port of Grays Harbor. Terminal #4 is crucial in importing and exporting products, such as over-high, over-wide (OH/OW) heavy equipment, timber and pulp, as well as automobiles, to and from international destinations as far as Asia and Africa.

Tolmount Prospect, North Sea

The Tolmount discovery lies in Block 42/28d of the P1330 license, approximately 40mi east of the Yorkshire coast in the southern North Sea, UK.

Polish Armed Forces Takes Delivery of Two Gavia Defence AUVs

Teledyne Gavia announced that it has completed a contract for the delivery of two Gavia Defence AUV systems that the armament department of the Polish Ministry of Defence will employ for underwater mine countermeasures (MCM).

Teledyne Gavia Awarded ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

A global leader in the provision of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) to the offshore survey sectors, Teledyne Gavia announced that its management system has been independently audited and confirmed as being in conformity with ISO 9001:2008.

Teledyne Gavia Expands AUV Support

Teledyne Gavia has announced the appointment of two new members of the Gavia Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) support team: Christopher Ordonez at the Gavia AUV Support facility in Falmouth, MA; and Eyjolfur Bjarnason (Eyjo) with the support team at the Gavia AUV manufacturing base in Reykjavik, Iceland.

New Gavia AUV Goes Operational in Batam, Indonesia, with PT Java Offshore

In January 2013 PT Java Offshore (Indonesia) completed the final training course on the operation and data processing for their new Gavia Surveyor autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV), supplied by Teledyne Gavia (Reykjavik Iceland), a Teledyne Technologies Company. This is the first delivery of a fully capable, low-logistics survey AUV into the offshore markets in the South-East Asia region

Teledyne Webb Research’s APEX Deep Reaches 6,000m

Teledyne Webb Research announced that their autonomous profiling explorer (APEX®) Deep has set a record, diving to a depth in excess of 6,000m in the Puerto Rico trench at approximately 0715 UTC on February 26, 2013, making APEX Deep the deepest diving commercially available profiling float.

Manley Appointed to IOOS System Advisory Committee

Teledyne Benthos is proud to announce that Justin Manley, senior director of business development, has been appointed to the integrated ocean observing system (IOOS®) advisory committee.

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