AXTech is an engineering company that tailors heavy lifting equipment and special equipment related to material handling for the marine and offshore industry. Our equipment is especially adapted to the specific task it is meant to perform.

AXTech’s main business is:

Riser pull-in systems and lifting solutions for FPSOs

AXTech’s range of riser pull-in systems and lifting solutions for FPSOs (floating production) includes:

  • Large winch systems for wire or fibre rope pull-in operations
  • Rope back-tension units
  • Hydraulic and/or electric power units
  • Cabins and controls design (application specific)
  • Sheaves and sheave trolleys solutions 
  • Rope guides and fairleads

Large LARS systems and A-frames

AXTech’s supplies large LARS systems and A-frames for lifting and over-boarding of heavy modules and subsea equipment. This includes:

850Te buoy and riser pull-in winch for Cascade and Chinook Field FPSO.
500Te buoy and riser pull-in winch for FPSO Reliance.
165/40Te pull-in winch for Bunga Orkid FSO (ETMS).
315Te SWL A-frame and 250Te skidding system on Far Samson.
250Te SWL A-frame and 150Te PAHC system on Siem Amethyst.
  • Large A-frames for subsea construction and AHTS vessels
  • Wide angle A-frames for ploughing and subsea trenching
  • A-frames with integrated winch and compensation systems
  • Deployment and lifting winches
  • Linear (in-line) active and passive heave compensation systems
  • AHC winch solutions

Specialised lifting equipment for subsea construction

AXTech’s range of specialised lifting equipment for subsea construction includes:

  • Module handling towers / systems
  • Light well intervention towers
  • AHC main lift winches and guide wire systems
  • Moon-pool cursor / prong guides
  • Pallet skidding solutions
  • Hatches for moon-pool applications

Skidding and trolley systems for open deck applications

We offer the following skidding and trolley solutions for open deck applications:

  • Pallet and module skidding systems
  • Trolleys and rope guides for various pull-in operations
  • Deck skidding solutions for heavy deck equipment

Manufacturing of our products is normally subcontracted at qualified fabrication and test facilities worldwide with a favourable location for the projects.

Tailored winches for the offshore industry

AXTech designs and delivers a wide range of winches tailored to suit clients’ specific requirements. The typical range is from approximately 10Te to 850Te capacity and with a rope capacity of 100m to 4,000m. All winch systems are tailored and engineered to suit the client’s specific requirements.

AXTech winches have the following features:

  • Suitable for steel wire or fibre rope applications
  • Electric or hydraulic drive systems
  • With or without active heave compensating (AHC) system

Module handling towers / light well intervention systems

AXTech provides advanced, flexible, reliable and safe tower systems. Tailor-made solutions are based on required functionality and vessel layout. Tower design may allow for fast mobilisation by ‘single-point lift’ solutions. We also provide tower systems to be integrated within a vessels hangar.

Module handling systems normally include:

  • AHC main / auxiliary lift and guide wire winches
  • Operators control cabin / integrated controls system
  • Cursor guide system with adjustable prongs
  • Hatches and pallet skidding systems
  • Sheaves and rope guides for optimal positioning of lift and guide ropes

A-frames and LARS systems

AXTech delivers a wide range of A-frames and LARS systems, all of which may be specially designed to suit clients’ requirements. The typical range available is from 50t to 500t, and even bigger on request. A-frames may be designed with a standard or wide-angle design specially defined by the client.

Deck skids and self-powered trolleys

AXTech provides a wide range of various deck skidding or self-powered trolley systems. All systems specially designed to suit vessel and client requirements. We provide skidding systems for any equipment which shall be handled on deck.

Compensators (heave / tension systems)

AXTech offer heave / tension systems as two alternative principle designs:

  • Integrated directly in the winch drive system
  • Designed as in-line and separate free-standing cylinder unit

Detail design and capacity depends on the defined rated load capacity, movement stroke and period of the vessel’s movement.

Hydraulic / electric power units

AXTech designs and delivers all required hydraulic power units (HPUs) and/or electric power units (EPUs), including brake resistors, for the operation of our equipment. The typical range is 200kW and up to 3,000kW.