Based in the Netherlands, De Ruiter Staalkabel is the continental arm of Usha-Martin of India. The ISO 9001-certified company has more than 35 years of experience in the field of wire rope and hoisting applications and has a regular stock of more than 1,000t of wire ropes.

We serve a number of the global offshore-related players, including National Oil-Varco, Heerema, Boskalis Dredging, Huisman Cranes, Fugro, All Seas, SBM, Van Oord, Mammoet, Smit Salvage, Hartmann Offshore, and many others.

De Ruiter Staalkabel represents the following companies and products:

  • Usha-Martin – steel wire ropes, for towing and anchor lines
  • Brunton-Shaw – crane ropes, high-tech construction drilling ropes, riser / tensioner ropes
  • Trefil-Arcelor – high-tech winch and crane ropes
  • Van Beest – green pin shackles
  • Crosby – alloy steel lifting accessories
  • Ropeblock – crane blocks, sheaves and sockets

Wire rope and hoisting services for the offshore industry

Our extensive services and deliveries comprise:

Sling manufacturing up to 92mm.
Tension winch to install ropes under 40t pre-tension.
A 150t cap spooler with a 25t line pull.
Our well-trained riggers are working worldwide to install or inspect crane ropes.
We can disassemble your hoisting and lifting equipment, test them in our premises and then re-assemble them.
  • Steel wire ropes for cranes in non-spin diameter 8mm – 92mm
  • Anchor and towing lines in steel wire rope in up to 104mm diameter
  • Boom pendants for various cranes
  • Special wire ropes for the dredging industry
  • Wire rope slings and grommets up to 152mm diameter
  • Spooling jobs on the site
  • Rental of spooling and tensioning machines, maximum 150t cap
  • Inspection and testing of lifting gear
  • Life boat inspection and testing
  • Delivery of crane blocks, sheaves, shackles and spreaders
  • Well-trained and experienced riggers and wire rope specialists
  • Troubleshooting and wire rope application analyses
  • Load and proof testing on our 325t capacity Lloyds’ approved testing bench

Mobile spooling machines

De Ruiter Staalkabel offers the following ranges of mobile spooling machines:

  • Mobile Spooling Machine Mini
  • Mobile Spooling Machine 14t
  • Mobile Spooling Machine 35t
  • Mobile Spooling Machine 150t

Offshore tension winches

De Ruiter Staalkabel provides a diesel-powered tension winch. Long-length crane ropes often require spooling under a high pretension. This machine will do the job and produce a line pull of 40t. It can spool your steel wire ropes (up to 105mm) on to the drum with a pre-tensioning up to 40t. Please do not hesitate to phone or email us for more information.

Testing benches for NDT and destructive tests

De Ruiter Staalkabel has a modern 325t Lloyds-approved testing bench to run non-destructive tests (NDT) or destructive tests. We have a calibration programme available for load cell calibration.

Hoisting and lifting equipment inspection, testing and certification

De Ruiter Staalkabel provides inspection, testing and certification for all your hoisting and lifting equipment. We have the possibility to test and certify most of your lifting gear. On our calibrated testing bench we are able to test up to 300t. Testing on site can be done with our calibrated load cells.

Crane rope inspection and repairs

Our well-trained riggers are working worldwide to install or inspect crane ropes and are familiar with all the ins and outs in the offshore field. Our inspectors can visually inspect and, if necessary, repair hoisting and lifting equipment at any desired location. We can easily serve you when you are bound to a specific location.

Some equipment may require load testing on a test bench. In consultation with you, we can disassemble your hoisting and lifting equipment, test them in our premises and then re-assemble them.

About USHA-Martin of India

Our parent company USHA-Martin of India is one of the world’s biggest wire rope makers with factories in India, Thailand, Dubai and the UK. More UM sales offices are located in Houston, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, Aberdeen and Johannesburg.