Feuerstein (Feubo) manufactures chain connectors, shackles, H-Links, rope fittings and polyester mooring components, and specialised products for the offshore oil and gas industries. This includes products for offshore drilling and long-term mooring (LTM) for all floating and production systems.

Customised chain connectors, shackles and mooring components

All parts are customised to meet the challenges of each specific project, including those requiring installation by use of remotely operated vehicles (ROV). All parts are manufactured, machined, tested and certified in Germany. Our company is recognised and approved by all major regulatory authorities.

Our products can be used in the harshest environments where quality and safety cannot be compromised, and when only meeting the highest standards will suffice.

Feuerstein provides a comprehensive range of chain connectors and shackles for offshore industrial processes.
We offer state-of-the-art solutions for offshore facilities.
Components can be customised to meet exact specifications required for offshore applications.
We manufacture chain connectors that function in the most adverse conditions encountered at offshore facilities.
Feuerstein’s products meet industrial regulations and standards worldwide, including ISO:9000.

State-of-the-art engineering, design, heat-treatment and testing equipment

Through continuous R&D and using state-of-the-art engineering design systems, heat-treating and testing equipment, Feubo ensures maximum and consistently high-quality. Feubo uses the most advanced and reliable equipment, processes and procedures at all stages of manufacturing.

CNC and DNC machined chain accessories

Feubo was the first company worldwide to entirely machine the complete range of chain accessories for CNC and DNC machinery, and was also the first company to work with automated inspection equipment.

Feubo is currently the only company worldwide to heat-treat all high-performance parts in completely automated and robotised facilities to ensure the maximum possible consistency, reliability and reproducibility.

Comprehensive range of shackles

Feubo produces a complete range of products such as:

  • Kenter shackles, Trident and Raptor shackles
  • C-Connectors and Pear links
  • D- type end and joining shackles
  • LTM shackles
  • H-connectors
  • Tri-plates
  • Sling Protector shackles
  • ROV shackles
  • Wire rope sockets
  • Swivels
  • Custom-made components