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Specialist Mooring Systems and Offshore Mooring Services

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Moorsure brings together leaders in the field of advanced mooring engineering services and suppliers of a wide range of quality offshore mooring equipment to the international market.

We support clients by offering a full scope of offshore mooring services, extending from mooring system design and analysis, through to manufacturing, supply, installation and maintenance. Services and equipment supplied by Moorsure are of the highest quality standard, designed to meet the most demanding technical requirements.

Mooring system design, supply and installation

Moorsure provides mooring services across a range of industry sectors. With access to leading engineers possessing extensive experience in mooring design and established relationships with key suppliers, Moorsure can design, supply and install your mooring system to meet the particular demands of your industry. We specifically offer mooring engineering and equipment for the following applications:

  • Spread moorings: tanker-based FPSOs and FSOs
  • Infield moorings: special purpose offshore systems and cyclone moorings
  • Aquaculture moorings for multipen facilities, fish farms and pearling, both on and offshore
  • Ocean renewable energy devices: moorings for wave energy devices and current turbines
  • Port development consultation: port layout and navigation aid specification and supply

Specialist mooring systems

Moorsure’s mooring systems are optimised to meet your unique requirements. From the development and interpretation of site data to the implementation of inspection and maintenance routines, Moorsure will deliver your mooring system in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Spread moorings for offshore applications are our speciality; we can manage the entire mooring lifecycle from concept to decommissioning.
We can design and install your special purpose, temporary or cyclone mooring; providing a single point of contact for all your mooring needs.
The engineering rigour behind aquaculture mooring systems and the structural integrity of your cages is of increasing interest to investors, regulators and insurance companies.
We have performed work for a number of confidential ocean renewable energy device developers and are a corporate member of the WA Sustainable Energy Association.
In addition to mooring design services Moorsure’s navigation specialists can provide support to developers of ports, harbours and marinas through assistance with the specification and supply of navigation aids.

Our engineers have extensive experience in the design and analysis of specialist mooring systems. With access to state-of-the-art software and the latest analytical techniques, our team can bring your concept to life and optimise the solution to meet the requirements of your unique circumstances.

Tailored mooring system packages

Moorsure can conduct work packages of varying scopes to meet your particular requirements. Whether you seek a full range of services, from concept design to installation and ongoing maintenance, or discrete elements such as the analysis and procurement of your own in-house or third-party design, we can tailor our services to meet your needs.

Mooring system design analysis

Moorsure is able to perform design analyses using advanced numerical techniques and state-of-the-art software, covering a broad range of issues pertinent to the design and installation of mooring systems. Our detailed analysis ensures your system is fit for purpose, appropriate to the operational and environmental conditions, and optimised for cost-effective supply and installation.

Mooring components and equipment

Moorsure’s supply team has established relationships with some of the world’s largest chain and mooring component manufacturers. These relationships allow us to provide competitive rates for the supply of your mooring components and equipment, whatever the application.

Our mooring equipment is manufactured to the appropriate technical standards under accredited quality systems, utilising the latest industry techniques and the best available raw materials. Products can be provided with class certification and include warranties.

Mooring equipment installation

Moorsure can arrange and oversee all your installation requirements. Our team can conduct the necessary installation engineering for your mooring and prepare the appropriate procedures and drawings. We ensure that the installation is carried out in accordance with appropriate standards and that records are captured for inclusion in the final design pack.

Inspection and maintenance services for marine structures

Moorsure provides carefully designed and managed inspection and maintenance services for marine structures. Inspection and maintenance routines are essential to the longevity of any marine infrastructure.

While Moorsure’s design team will optimise a solution to meet cost, fatigue, operational and environmental constraints, there will always be a requirement – whether imposed by regulators or as part of best practice infrastructure management – to conduct inspections on key structural and safety elements and to perform the appropriate preventative and corrective maintenance when necessary.

Ocean renewable energy devices

Moorsure has a detailed understanding of the unique challenges associated with designing moorings and foundations for ocean renewable energy devices. With experience in developing designs for a number of confidential clients, Moorsure can assist with the design of the often overlooked aspects of successful renewable energy devices: the moorings, foundations and equipment structures.

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