Novatec Braids manufactures a wide range of braided synthetic ropes from nylon, polyester, Kevlar®, UHMPE, and other high strength and floating fibers. Rope constructions from 5mm to 75mm diameter include double braids and hollow braids or custom fabrications for specific applications, including weighted ballast ropes.

Novatec Braids is pleased to partner with FJORD LLC, the North Carolina, US, manufacturer of Chafe-Pro®, to serve the Canadian market.

Novatec Braids is an ISO 9001 registered manufacturer of standard and custom braided ropes and fabrications located in Nova Scotia, Canada. If we do not have a standard Novabraid rope that will fit your application please call us to discuss your requirements. Novabraid will deliver ‘Performance by Design’.

Braided ropes for the offshore industry

Standard Novabraid rope constructions are commonly used as winch lines, hand lines, block lines, tag lines, mooring lines, braided hawsers, static safety lines, fall protection, net ropes, reflective boundary lines, floating rescue lines, tow lines and in other applications where high-quality dependable braided ropes are required. Standard reel lengths and custom cut or long lengths are available.

Winch lines to 50,000kg tensile made from polyester, UHMPE or high dielectric co-polymer.
Novagold nylon hawsers and docking lines custom fabricated with chafe and eyes.
High-strength load positioning, shock absorbing and floating lines.
Static polyester safety lines and non-conductive lines.
Sinking ballast core ropes and umbilical conductor over braids.

Stock fibers include Dupont® nylon, Kevlar, Dyneema® and Spectra® UHMPE, Polysteel® copolymer, and UV stabilized polypropylene. A variety of marine finishes and coatings are available. Custom colors and reflective tracers can be requested for safety, color coding or branding of ropes.

Ask us about your requirements for compliance with high-strength winch line BS 10547-12 PES, Fall Protection ANSI Z 359-07, Mil R 24677, or Dielectric ASTM F1701-05. Our Novagold Nylon double braids meet or exceed US Mil specifications, including Nylon 6.6 yarn. Yarn traceability and certified break tests are available on request.

Custom braided products

Novatec Braids has in-house and third-party test lab facilities available to support new product development requiring tensile / elongation testing, weatherization, conductivity (dielectric), abrasion resistance, and other application requirements.

We have a proven track record assisting customers with proprietary product design in including conductive fencing, shock absorbing mooring components, reflective diving ropes, and oscillation dampening ballasted helicopter tethers and fast ropes.

Novatec can overbraid cables and conductors or furnish lead core ballast ropes for customer assemblies.

Chafe abrasion to marine lines

FJORD holds US patent (#5441790) for Chafe-Pro’s unique hook and loop design with wrap-around closing feature. Chafe-Pro is currently protecting lines for our Canadian coast guard, 95% of the US coast guard fleet and more than 75 US navy vessels.

Chafe-Pro systems are available in yacht and commercial grade for the towing industry, ship assist and ship-tow operations, ferry companies, casino boats, pleasure craft, mountain climbing, high-rise window cleaning and hose protection.

Our Novagold nylon, Novablue polyester and spectec-12 UHMPE ropes, most often used in spliced mooring or tow lines, meet or exceed all industry quality standards. Field replaceable, Chafe-Pro protection will significantly increase the safe working life of these critical mooring lines and hawsers.

Chafe-Pro chafe protection products will complement Novatec’s development of custom in house fabrications and support our growing dealer network for industrial and recreational marine markets.