Offshore & Trawl Supply (OTS) is known in the oil and gas industry for supplying innovative high performance rope applications tailormade to the needs of the customer. The basic fiber in many of our critical products is Dyneema® from DSM.

OTS – amazing solutions

Over the last few years OTS have been successful in improving the rope properties in terms of:

  • Significant Improved rope bending over sheaves properties
  • Optimising inside/outside friction depending on the application in question
  • Introducing the patented protective jacket giving the rope the highest known protection against outside abrasion and cut resistance
  • Improved construction efficiency
  • Improved production processes

On the basis of above OTS has a strong advantage in building customized products with amazing capabilities.

OTS have, during 2007 to 2009, made significant investments in factory capacities and machinery and have possibly today the most modern rope making factory in the world. The modern facilities strongly support our flexibility and innovative skills to customise products and explore improved and new solutions together with our customers.

Dyneema®OBX fiber

DSM Dyneema have developed a new fiber called Dyneema OBX with an overlay finish that improves the bending performances of the rope tremendously. The overlay finish will help fibers in a given construction to align more easily and the efficiency of the fiber will increase, hence the rope efficiency will increase.

OTC – Houston, introduction of DextroneXtreme

Based on the DyneemaOBX fiber, OTS is introducing a new rope DextroneXtreme. The aim is to introduce a rope with excellent and reduced internal friction to minimise heat buildup in the rope, and at the same time achieve optimal outside friction for the applicable winches in use.

We strongly believe that such an amazing combination of properties in the rope will convince operators and owners finally to take the step away from Steel wire on their Offshore vessels, and rig them with DextroneXtreme ropes.

On seismic vessels the improved rope characteristics may be used where bending over sheaves still is an issue.

Offshore & Trawl Supply will be presenting the new product at our booth 5241 in the Innovation Park at the Norwegian Pavilion during the OTC 2010.