Working one-on-one with our customers to determine the best type of rope for a job is standard at Ropers. When it comes to rope we are the experts – from yarn materials and braid type to diameter and length. Every aspect of a rope is customisable to best meet or exceed performance specifications.

Ropers, a global company based in Taiwan, manufactures and distributes professional-grade quality rope used across the globe. Our wide range of durable rope products are hard at work on offshore platforms and in commercial marine, industrial, fishery, aviation and at a host of outdoor leisure applications.

Safety and quality to ISO 9000 standards

At Ropers we stand behind our rope. Our production systems meet the highest ISO 9000 quality systems requirements. Each rope we produce is available for testing and certification by Lloyd’s Register, Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and RINA. Currently CE and NFPA testing, yarn traceability and certified break tests are available on request.

Our reputation is built on producing strong, durable, quality rope that safely and optimally performs in the harshest of climates and environments. It’s why we produce OEM and ODM rope for several well-known brands, in addition to marketing our high quality rope products under our own brand’s name.

Tested and certified high-performance marine rope for oil rigs.
Ropers’ rope is trusted around the world for its strength and durability.
Our ISO 9000 compliant ropes are regularly tested and certified by Lloyd’s Register, DNV and RINA.
Dependable rope to fit any marine application, distributed globally.
Ropers works closely with customers to create the best in professional-grade rope precuts.

Custom braided ropes for the offshore industry and in construction

Sharing our knowledge of rope performance with our customers creates the best solutions. Often there are many possibilities for strength and performance to fit specific needs.

Our stock fibres include nylon, Dyneema®, Technora, and UV-stabilised polypropylene. Often using Dyneema Rope is one solution we offer customers as it has the same strength and low elongation of wire rope, with only 1/7 of the weight. Additionally it has excellent acid and alkaline resistance.

In addition to custom braided ropes, we offer several stock ropes constructed to fit a wide range of professional applications including rig mooring, pulling lines, lifting, anchor lines, bonding rope, and hand tools rope. Ask us about our fall protection vertical / horizontal life line, currently in its final development phase.

High-strength, lightweight and flexible oil rig ropes

Customer service goes beyond ensuring timely delivery and service around the world. From high-strength, light-weight oil rig ropes to high-wear, flexible rope for leisure activities, every type of rope we manufacture at Ropers is held up to exacting standards.

Available strand and braid ranges from 3-strand, 8-strand and 12-strand to double-braid, as well as Kernmantle.

Custom products are high strength, light-weight and developed to fit our customer’s specific needs. Many of our braids and materials feature fire resistance, abrasion resistance, floatation and low-to-no water absorption.

Contact us to learn about the Ropers difference where quality and safety meet in rope.