Sotra Anchor & Chain

Offshore Anchors, Chains and Accessories

5363 Norway

Sotra Anchor & Chain is one of Europe’s largest anchor and chain suppliers. The company keeps a considerable stock of brand new and second hand anchors, chains and accessories for the offshore industry, in all sizes / types.

From its Norwegian, Scottish and Dutch yards, the company supplies high quality anchors and chains to Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa and Australia.

For the offshore market the company offers, both for sale and rental:

  • Offshore anchors
  • Studlink anchor-chains
  • Studless anchor-chains
  • Shackles and swivels
  • Tri-plates

Sotra Anchor & Chain’s products are fully certified by DNV, ABS, BV, LRS and GL.

The company’s Norwegian yards possess deep water quay facilities that can load / unload directly into vessels 24 hours a days, seven days a week. Excellent flexibility allows us to make deliveries within a few hours.

Amongst our in-stock products are 4,000m of second-hand grade R3 studless anchor-chains, of 130mm diameter; brand new Bruce FFTS and Stevpris Mk5 type offshore anchors; and accessories like kenter-shackles, swivels, tri-plates, mooring-rings, anchor-shackles and pear-shackles,

We also have brand new studlink anchor-chains of 76mm and 84mm diameters, and both grade ORQ and brand new R4 chains.


Studlink anchor-chains are used for permanent and emergency anchoring of ships and other floating installations. The studs secure that every link comes into the gypsy in the correct position.

Chains for mobile offshore installations and drilling rigs are made of steel grades ORQ, R3, RQ3, RQ3S, R3S, R4, R4S or R4ST (grade R4 being the most common).


Studless anchor-chains are used in permanent moorings when the chain will not go over a gypsy. The advantages include less weight, ability to fit larger shackles without endlinks, and the avoidance of loose stud problems.


Anchor-chain accessories supplied by Sotra Marine Produkter include:

  • Kenter joining shackles
  • Type D anchor shackles
  • Type D joining shackles
  • Swivel-forerunners
  • Type ASW swivel shackles
  • Baldt joining shackles
  • Ramfor connectors
  • Type Baldt pear shackles
  • Safety bow shackles
  • Mooring shackles
  • Thimbles

Sotra to Attend UTC 2010

Sotra Anchor & Chain is pleased to exhibit at the Underwater Technology Conference (UTC) in Bergen, Norway on 22-23 September 2010. You can meet us at stand#34. UTC 2010 will be the 16th annual event in Bergen. It is one of the largest international forums and meeting grounds for th