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High-Performance Wire Ropes

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Wire Rope Industries (WRI) is a manufacturer of high-performance wire ropes for the offshore industry, including drilling lines, riser tensioner lines, anchor lines and specialty rotation-resistant ropes for cranes.

Since its formation in 1876, WRI has been at the forefront of product development, helping our customers outperform with ropes that are designed to reduce their overall operating costs. WRI is certified to both API and ISO 9001, and certification to Lloyds and DNV is also available.

Drilling lines

WRI’s drilling lines are available in a conventional six-strand design and achieve excellent mega-joule (ton-mile) goals. Where improved rope performance is required, drilling lines are also available in an eight-strand design to provide increased wear resistance and flexibility. Technical services staff are available to discuss these product characteristics and to help customers maximize their rope service life.

Riser tensioners

For the riser tensioner application, where the rope cycles continuously over sheaves, ropes with high flexibility and wear resistance are preferred. Ropes with eight strands, and a layer of plastic around the core for protection or fully plasticized ropes, are the preferred choice for those customers interested in extending their ton-cycle or ton-day goals. Care must be exercised when using a fully plasticized rope in a dead line anchor, but WRI’s technical services staff can assist with this issue.

Standard six-strand drilling lines and eight-strand cushion core ropes offer wear resistance and flexibility.
Available in cushion core and fully plasticized cushion rope for improved protection from the elements.
Available with galvanized wires and the corrosion protection of Bezinal.
Most offshore cranes require the rotation-resistant characteristics of a three-layer rope.
WRI’s CD catalogue gives you all the information you need to select the correct rope for your application.

Anchor lines

WRI operates one of the largest wire rope closing machines in the world, capable of producing ropes up to 200mm diameter in lengths of 120t. For anchor lines, the wires are galvanized to withstand the highly corrosive offshore conditions. Ropes with enhanced corrosion protection, using Bezinal® wires with a zinc-aluminum coating combination, are also available.

Specialty crane ropes

For offshore crane applications, it is critical to use a rotation-resistant crane rope, which ensures the load does not spin when hoisted from the work boats. This anti-rotation feature is developed for cranes that use a single part line by using ropes with three layers, where the torque developed in the outer strand layer is counterbalanced by the torque developed by the internal strand layers. The outer strands are compacted to increase the breaking load and the wires are galvanized for corrosion protection.

Wire ropes and technical services for the offshore industry

WRI is committed to the offshore industry and offers a wide range of wire ropes for a variety of applications. Our investment in R&D has resulted in many unique solutions to wire rope problems, aimed at reducing the users’ overall operating costs.

WRI’s technical services staff are ready to help customers with all wire-rope application advice.

Steel wire technology and wire manufacturing

WRI’s technology is backed by its parent company, Bekaert, one of the world’s largest producers of steel wire. Our manufacturing facilities are second to none. We are part of a group of companies with manufacturing facilities in Latin America, making the group one of the largest producers of wire ropes in the Americas.

Press Releases

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    The 2010 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) will take place 3-6 May at Reliant Park in Houston, Texas. As one of the biggest events in the offshore industry's calendar, OTC is the perfect chance to meet with your peers and discover more about the industry's latest products and developments.

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