Colibrys is a world-leading supplier of standard and customised MEMS-based motion sensors for high precision and high reliability applications in harsh environments. We design, develop and produce a range of proprietary, high-performance MEMS accelerometers for inertial, tilt, vibration and seismic measurements.

MEMS accelerometers for offshore drilling

The measurement of a motion through acceleration, tilt or vibration is extremely important and widely used in the offshore and drilling-related markets. A selection of applications requiring accelerometers includes:

  • Down-hole directional drilling
  • Horizontal or surface directional drilling
  • Measurement while drilling
  • Down-hole monitoring or down-hole survey
  • Sub-surface seismic imaging
  • Reservoir monitoring
  • Structural monitoring for rigs, platforms or any construction
  • Platform stabilisation

MEMS motion sensors for offshore applications

Colibrys is clearly committed to the application requirements of the energy markets and offers accelerometers products and services well beyond automotive specifications. Indeed, every single sensor from Colibrys is designed for high-end specifications and does not result from screening or selecting the best parts from a very large volume production.

Colibrys produces a few hundred thousand accelerometers per year, which clearly differentiate themselves through their technical specifications: high stability, low noise, low power, low weight and size, as well as high reliability for safety-critical applications in harsh environments. Colibrys standard accelerometers are qualified between -55°C to +125°C, but some customers regularly use these products up to 150°C.

Colibrys accelerometers and sensing products are widely used in the offshore and drilling-related markets.
Colibrys provides high-performance MEMS accelerometers for inertial, tilt, vibration and seismic measurements.
Colibrys offers a selection of sensors for inertial measurements, including products from ±2g to ±200g with dedicated products for harsh environments.
New VS9000 products from Colibrys are the best adapted products for vibration sensing.

Tilt sensors for harsh environments

Low g inertial sensors, due to their high resolution, high temperature stability and low power consumption, are extremely good products for tilt measurements. These products are advantageously used in down-hole survey and monitoring applications providing very precise inclination information.

Colibrys tilt sensors have demonstrated extremely high reliability under harsh environments and are therefore well regarded worldwide for these types of applications.

Inertial sensing products

The long-term stability, low vibration rectification error and reliability of our MEMS capacitive accelerometers are continuously improved to meet the increasing needs of inertial requirements and are used in a large variety of drilling activities, from down-hole directional drilling to horizontal directional drilling.

The new MS9000 and the MS8000 product families are the best candidates for inertial sensing as our seismic sensors SF1500 and SF2005 can be used for very low signal measurements in seismic applications.

A selection of products is available for inertial measurements in mining. Colibrys offers a full range of products from ±2g to ±200g with some dedicated products for harsh environment applications (i.e. high shock, rough vibrations or high temperatures). All our products are extensively qualified and available for temperature ranges between -55°C to +125°C at least.

Standard and semi-custom motion sensors

Colibrys provides unique solutions for a wide range of high-performance standard and semi-custom motion sensors for energy applications.

Vibration sensors

Variable capacitance sensors offer benefits as a replacement for traditional piezo-resistive products in some specific applications. For a given acceleration range and bandwidth, the capacitive sensor offers a lower noise floor and a much better stability over temperature and over time.

New VS9000 products from Colibrys are the best adapted products for vibration sensing, which requires small size and weight, wide bandwidth and an extended g range over a large temperature band, combined with the stability and reliability required for safety-critical applications.