eralytics develops, produces and sells fully automated, portable and easy to operate analysers, mainly for high-performance quality control in the petroleum and the flavours and fragrances industry.

The main focus of eralytics is to reduce complexity and build intuitive, simple-to-use instruments, providing fast results with highest precision and reliability, both in the laboratory and on-site.

eralytics is a reliable supplier of Oil-in-Water Testers, Vapor Pressure Testers, Flash Point Testers and Multi-Fuel Analysers for companies in the petroleum industry (from upstream to downstream), refineries, independent testing laboratories and shipping companies.

Oil-in-water tester for petroleum and hydrocarbons

ERACHECK is used for the measurement of total petroleum hydrocarbons and total oil and grease in water and soil, using the chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) free solvent cyclohexane for sample extraction.

ERACHECK ECO Oil-In-Water Tester: CFC-free measurement of oil-in-water
ERAVAP Vapor Pressure Tester: Vapor Pressure Testing at its Best
ERAFLASH Flash Point Tester: The Safe Side of Flash Point Testing
ERASPEC FTIR Fuel Analyzer: Spectral Fuel Analysis in Seconds
ERASPEC OIL: The Latest Trend in Oil Condition Monitoring

Low-cost cyclohexane is an ideal alternative to CFC solvents, which are still used for oil-in-water testing. It ensures a safe, simple, ecological and cost-efficient measurement of your samples according to the latest American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) methods. ERACHECK is available in two versions: ERACHECK ECO and ERACHECK PRO.

Vapour pressure tester for gasoline and LPG

ERAVAP is a vapour pressure tester for all types of liquids, from gasoline to LPG, solvents, polymers, crude oil and fragrances. There are several different instrument models available: ERAVAP Crude, ERAVAP LPG and ERAVAP ONLINE, which makes ERAVAP available for online-based vapour pressure testing and ensures lab-grade results in the process.

Flash point tester for fuel specification testing

ERAFLASH is a flash point tester that guarantees protection using the intrinsically safe continuously closed cup method. ERAFLASH is fully compliant with ASTM D6450 and ASTM D7094 standard testing methods and also offers ASTM proven excellent correlation to conventional Pensky Martens testers

The automated 10-position autosampler ERAFLASH S10 is ideal for unattended measurements for high-throughput laboratories. ERAFLASH LT allows measurements according to ASTM D7094 with temperatures as low as -40°C.

FTIR spectrometer for multi-fuel analysis

ERASPEC is the leading fully-automated mid-FTIR spectrometer for multi-fuel analysis. A single measurement is able to quantify more than 40 parameters such as RON, MON, AKI, distillation properties, esters and aromatics concentrations within a few seconds. Gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and biofuels are measured by the push of a button.

Analyser for oil condition monitoring

ERASPEC OIL is a fully automated, all-integrated FTIR analyser for performing spectral analyses for all types of lube oils. With its patented interferometer design, it is the solution for high-speed lubricant oil analysis and condition monitoring, in full compliance with ASTM, DIN and JOAP methods. It is also ideal for oil condition monitoring at remote locations such as mining sites or ships.

About eralytics

Founded in 2007, eralytics is ISO 9001:2015 quality management certified by Det Norske Veritas, an international registrar and classification society.

All instruments are CE compliant with the Underwriters Laboratories/Canadian Standards Association (UL/CSA) and meet Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) requirements.