Data loggers, wireline electronics, rig intercoms, video monitoring systems

Eztek is a globally recognised electronic instrumentation design and manufacturing company within the oil and gas industry. We manufacture data loggers, wireline electronics, winchman panels, correlating panels, perforating panels, system simulators, safety keys, industrial computers, offshore computers, hazardous area electronics, pressure loggers, multipurpose loggers, machine controllers, rig intercom systems, inspection camera and display systems, industrial cables and bespoke turn-key solutions.

Products are designed for harsh environment and ATEX Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas. Services include software electronic development and stainless steel fabrication.

Data loggers for ATEX Zone 1 and 2, workshop, research and development

Eztek’s range of real-time, multi-channel data loggers include the Tallybook for ATEX Zone 1 and Zone 2 use, and the MultiLog and TestLog made for harsh area and workshop testing.

Real-time graphical recording in Zone 2 ATEX hazardous area, incorporating leading-edge touchscreen technology.
Eztek’s workshop data logger automatically generates test results and records units against time, replacing inefficient paper chart recorders.
This winchman panel completely mimics a standard mechanical gauge and records depth, speed and tension during wireline operations.
The TalkBack rig intercoms are reliable and clear cabled intercom systems ensuring safe communications, used in the field for over ten years.
Eztek’s rack-mounted wireline panels can be interfaced with third party systems or supplied as a complete correlation system.

Tallybook data loggers can be adapted to record a range of data, including valve-pressure, wireline cable tension, depth and speed, makeup and breakout torque, and load and temperature. The Tallybook Touch data logger adds the benefit of a touch-screen interface for Zone 2 data-logging applications and is skid-mountable.

The MultiLog data logger can be configured as a pressure test recorder, a push/pull test recorder or a jar test recorder. It automatically generates test results and records units against time, replacing inefficient paper chart recorders.

The TestLog is a multi-channel data logger designed for long-term testing at high sample rates, making it perfect during research and development testing. It can take input from pressure transducers, temperature transducers, flow meters, torque cells, load transducers, and level sensors.

Our data-logging software is easy to operate, but provides flexibility for technical data analysis. Features include adjustment setups of logging rate, graph scales and display setup during real-time logging and playback reviewing. Reports can be printed directly or converted to PDF files. Data can be exported to text or Excel format.

Wireline panels and instrumentation

The Ezi-line range of wireline solutions includes perforating panels, safety panels, interface panels, and tool power panels. Eztek also produces the Ezi-Pod data logger and the Tallybook Winchman. Rack-mounted panels can easily be interfaced with 3rd party systems or can be supplied as a complete correlation system.

Eztek Ezi-Pod data loggers are 2 channel data-loggers for use in ATEX Zone 2 hazardous areas, including wireline, e-line and slickline operations. They provide a simple to operate alternative to existing wireline instrumentation and can store 300 days of logging information. The Ezi-Pod offers real-time depth, speed and tension information on a compact LCD display.

Ezi-Pod loggers are primarily designed as battery-operated backup units for hardwired winchman panels. They can also be used as standalone systems and are available as drop-fit replacements to existing winchman panels.

The Tallybook Winchman is an electronic depth, speed and tension recording panel that completely mimics industry standard gauges and is suitable for use in ATEX Zone 2 hazardous areas. It can be used with our Ezi-Pods as well as other electronic instrumentation, replacing the mechanical gauge used in wireline operations.

Rig intercoms

The TalkBack rig intercoms are a reliable, secure, cabled solution for increasing safety and efficiency on land and offshore oil rigs. Both the two-way TalkBack and four-way TalkBack rig intercom systems include remote stations certified for ATEX Zone 1 hazardous areas, with master stations also available for ATEX Zone 1 use. We offer optional foot switches, cables on reels, quick release connector systems and optional DC or AC inputs.

Simple to install and use, the Eztek two-way TalkBack rig intercom system is ideal for use in wireline operations while the four-way TalkBack rig intercom is ideal for use in drilling operations. The four-way TalkBack offers direct three-way communication to specific locations as well as an emergency broadcast function for increased safety.

Video monitoring systems

Eztek’s Safeye video monitoring systems are designed for use in harsh and hazardous area environments and are typically used for monitoring wellhead hardware, blow-off preventer (BOP), flow-valve status and flow pressure, coiled tubing, and workshop pressure testing.

Safeye Zone 1 video monitoring system is compact, with a stainless-steel housed camera and a flameproof 10.4in high-contrast colour display. It offers real-time imaging of difficult to view and dangerous locations in offshore operations.

The Safeye test bay video monitoring system is the solution for identifying the location and nature of failures during workshop pressure testing, commissioning, and hydraulic production testing.

The Safeye test pit video monitoring system has integrated LED illumination and clear picture quality, allowing for the easy identification of pressure leaks in test pits and difficult to monitor locations in pitch dark. The magnetic base means it can be placed near likely failure points.

Electronic offshore instrumentation

Eztek, based in Aberdeen, is committed to providing reliable electronic instrumentation and solutions for the increasingly challenging oil and gas industry. Established in 1993, Eztek have an outstanding reputation for meeting customer demands with a niche product range and innovative design experience. Visit our website for more information. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for updates. Contact us for the solution to your data-logging, wireline, video monitoring and rig intercom needs.