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Differential Pressure Transmitters for the Oil and Gas Industry

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Fuji Electric has manufactured leading edge instrumentation suitable for the oil and gas industry for more than 25 years. Famous for outstanding product reliability, the company is also committed to continuously improving its products to meet the challenges of the most difficult offshore applications.

Pressure transmitters are the best example of Fuji Electric’s commitment to this industry. The range of differential pressure transmitters is now setting the benchmark for other manufacturers to follow.

Ultra-deep water multi-phase flow measurement

BP, PetroBrass and Conoco Philips are drilling to new depths (10,685m) to keep up with consumer demand. Their recent “giant oil discovery” in ultra-deep water in the Gulf of Mexico (Tiber Well, Keathley Canyon) has created a need for multi-phase flow measurement to operate at pressures in excess of 1,000bar.

High-static differential pressure transmitters

Today’s oil and gas industry is creating challenging applications that need specifically designed solutions to cope with higher static pressures, aggressive process and environmental conditions. Based on extensive experience of supplying transmitters for this demanding application, Fuji Electric offers bespoke, field-proven differential pressure (DP) transmitters.

Fuji Electric’s high-static differential pressure transmitters are designed solutions to cope with higher static pressures, aggressive process and environmental conditions.
The high-static DP transmitter can measure differential pressures typically found in top-side and subsea applications.
Fuji Electric’s range of DP transmitters is suitable for applications requiring remote diaphragm seals.
Fuji Electric FCX AII Version 5 transmitters provide accuracy, reliability and extended long-term stability.

The experience and technical capability that Fuji Electric has built into these transmitters enables them to measure differential pressures of 130mbar at static pressures of up to 1,035bar (15,000psi), typically found in top-side and subsea applications.

The accuracy and reliability of Fuji Electric’s transmitters is underpinned using specialist calibration equipment that produces differential pressure at extreme static pressures. This equipment is traceable to international metrology standards, through third party verification.

High-performance pressure transmitters

The innovative technology found in Fuji Electric’s high-static DP transmitters provides a path for continuous improvement in the Fuji Electric pressure transmitter family. The result is a standard range of high-performance pressure and DP transmitters.

The improved specifications of the Fuji Electric FCX AII Version 5 transmitters provide accuracy, reliability and extended long-term stability, which helps to drive down the cost of ownership. All of this is possible because the FXC AII Version 5 places DP measurement in its own micro-capacitance “floating” silicon sensor. This isolates it from the influence of pressure and temperature fluctuations, creating laboratory conditions for DP measurement.

Accurate DP transmitters

Other manufacturers attempt to measure temperature and pressure influences on the DP measurement and compensate to correct their readings, which increases cost and creates repeatability and reliability issues.

Micro-machined silicon and floating cell technology gives Fuji the ability to manufacture DP transmitters that provide accuracies of up to 0.04%, with a long-term stability of ten years at static pressures up to 1,035barg.

Models are available to suit applications that require remote diaphragm seals, digital communications, hazardous area certification, and offshore protection and subsea enclosures.

Fuji Electric distributor network

Wherever your project is, there will be a Fuji Electric distributor to support you.

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