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Introducing GTC’s Improved Mark V TCPS

Users of our Mark V systems, as well as our own experience since 2001, suggest that GE’s old TCPS has one of the highest rates of failure of any card of its type on the market.

How do we solve the high failure rate of the ‘old’ TCPS?

Simple answer: with a GTC Mark V TCPS, our ‘new’ TCPS, the GTC-TCPS-1.

With improved features like bigger heat sinks, more power, almost no audible noise and perfect fit.

And, unlike with the ‘old’ TCPS, there will be no ‘end-of-life’ letter: it’s here to stay.

What are the advantages of the ‘new’ over the ‘old’ TCPS?

We offer GTC’s TCPS at a lower price than GE’s. And, when compared to the ‘old’ TCPS, the GTC-TCPS-1 has:

  • Increased performance
  • Higher reliability
  • Extended life expectancy
  • Higher value

Our GTC-TCPS-1 is a direct replacement for the DS200TCPSG1A. With no additional hardware or adjustment required it is a true ‘plug-and-play’ solution.

gtc mark v card infographic

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