Roxar, a technology solutions provider to the upstream oil and gas industry and part of Emerson Process Management, today announced the latest version of its leading history matching and uncertainty estimation software solution, EnABLE™2.3.

EnABLE is used by operators worldwide for a better understanding and measurement of uncertainty in reservoir production performance estimates. Using an advanced statistical framework and proxy model, based on conventional reservoir simulations, EnABLE provides E&P companies with a rapid understanding of production behavior and the creation of robust uncertainty forecasts.

In EnABLE 2.3, simplified workflows, new and improved diagnostics, statistical engine advances and better interfaces with reservoir simulators will all help operators estimate technical and economic uncertainty within their reservoirs even more accurately and comprehensively than previously.

In addition, EnABLE 2.3 can help reservoir engineers perform a quick ‘what-if’ scenario analysis, resulting in a better understanding of the reservoir and more flexible long-term plans. When used alongside Roxar’s reservoir modelling application, RMS™ and reservoir simulation tool, Tempest™, EnABLE history matches numerous geological scenarios to create simulation models that are fully consistent with their underlying geological interpretation (unlike many current 3D model workflows).

Ordin Husa, managing director of Roxar software solutions, said: “EnABLE 2.3 is a new milestone in uncertainty quantification and history matching for operators. By performing assisted history matching and production forecasting using EnABLE 2.3, optimum bid valuations, new field development and operational plans can all be identified within the context of reservoir uncertainty.”

“For operators wishing to accelerate the history matching process, optimize their plans, and gain a more accurate understanding of production ranges, there is no more valuable reservoir engineering tool on the market today than EnABLE 2.3 – a solution which opens up a host of new options for the simulation process.”

EnABLE speeds up existing simulation projects considerably (up to a factor of four) through assisted history matching by intelligently updating the parameters that you would like to modify, submitting simulation runs to your reservoir simulator, and reading the results of the simulation. Each simulation run is used to build a statistical proxy model that is used to get quicker multiple history matches and production forecasts.

The key highlights of EnABLE 2.3, which applies directly into operators’ current workflows and functions at every stage of the field life, include:

  • Improved ease of use through simplified workflows, workflow diagrams, and navigation tools, allowing users at all levels of expertise to rapidly introduce EnABLE into their existing workflows
  • Additional diagnostics capabilities, which makes the history matching process more efficient
  • Comes with an estimator analyzer, which is very useful to perform quick ‘what-if’ analysis or to choose a representative uncertainty model; this provides a better understanding of the reservoir, all within a consistent interactive module, and allows for immediate answers without having to run a time consuming simulation model
  • Includes statistical engine enhancements with changes to the estimator (the underlying heart of EnABLE) to improve the way it approximates the reservoir simulation model and to improve the handling of discrete geological models
  • New and improved reservoir simulator interfaces for submitting and importing results of a reservoir simulation; new simulator interfaces include FrontSim, Nexus, PBRS and Acres, providing maximum flexibility to the user; EnABLE 2.3 works even more seamlessly with Roxar’s Tempest simulation solution and other mainstream simulators, such as Eclipse, and can read Tempest and Eclipse binary files, making the process faster and avoiding memory storage issues; it also works with an Eclipse Multiple Realization license, and a restart function integration for both Tempest and Eclipse saves time, while performing predictions
  • Improved infrastructure with an easy to use installation tool that works in both Windows and LINUX environments; in addition the licensing of EnABLE has now migrated to the same licensing system as Roxar’s other products

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