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Emerson Launches Roxar Tempest™ 6.6 Reservoir Simulation Suite

Emerson Process Management has launched Roxar Tempest™ 6.6, a modern integrated solution for full field reservoir simulation. The announcement was made at the 72nd EAGE Conference & Exhibition being held in Barcelona, Spain.

Tempest 6.6, the latest version of the Tempest reservoir simulation suite used in hundreds of installations worldwide, guides users through the entire reservoir simulation process. The software covers the preparation and analysis of original data, compositional and black-oil simulation, results study and visualisation, and economic evaluation.

Specific features of Tempest 6.6 include advanced processing capabilities, intuitive visualisation through a consistent and powerful graphical interface, and an integrated workflow. The result is increased productivity and accessibility within reservoir asset teams.

“At a time when operators are looking to optimise production from increasingly marginal assets and make effective decisions over the allocation of capital and resources, the models and analytical processes that define modern reservoir simulation have never been more important,” said Ordin Husa, managing director of Roxar Software Solutions.

“With Emerson’s Roxar Tempest 6.6, we believe we have a modern, full field simulator which not only meets these challenges but surpasses them. Faster and more detailed models, increased accessibility, productivity across the asset team, and a streamlined and integrated workflow mean one thing for operators – reliable production forecasts leading to maximum reservoir performance.”

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