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Emerson Launches Roxar RMS 2010.1 Reservoir Modelling Solution

Emerson Process Management announced the release of Roxar RMS 2010.1, adding powerful seismic visualisation for improved decision-making and quality control within Emerson’s industry leading reservoir modelling solution. Users will now be able to fully leverage their seismic data through every step of the seismic to simulation workflow, enabling critical decisions with less risk.

Roxar RMS 2010.1 adds advanced seismic volume visualisation tools to the workflow – tools which facilitate thorough quality control of interpretations, structural and property models, simulation models, and well plans. The import of 2D and 3D seismic data is extremely easy and the modern visualisation sets a new standard in performance by unleashing the power of modern graphic cards.

RMS 2010.1 also features improved quality control (QC) tools, offering an efficient and easy way to QC property models. With just a few button clicks, RMS 2010.1 will produce all the necessary charts and maps to check consistency between the property models and the input data, with the maps and charts intuitively organised in a separate data tree that provides easy access for both new and experienced RMS users.

“Our goal is to provide a completely integrated and intuitive workflow that is usable by all skill levels, whilst handling the geological complexity that Roxar RMS is famed for,” said Ordin Husa, managing director of Roxar Software Solutions. “Today’s announcement of RMS 2010.1 is another such milestone which further closes the gap in the workflow between seismic and simulation.”

Emerson’s flagship reservoir modeling solution, Roxar RMS comprises 13 fully integrated software modules, including mapping, reservoir modeling, well planning, reservoir simulation and uncertainty modeling tools. RMS 2010.1 operates on Linux 64-bit, Windows XP and the Vista 32 and 64-bit platforms, as well as Windows 7 64-bit.

Emerson will be holding a technical forum on August 26th to highlight the benefits of the new release. The event will be taking place at Roxar’s Stavanger headquarters from 2-6pm. For further information on RMS 2010.1 visit www.roxar.com/rms2010 or on the forum, contact rss@roxar.com.

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