The new ROTAMASS XR is the largest Coriolis mass flowmeter to be developed by Yokogawa, with a capability of handling a maximum flow rate of 600 t/h.

Designed specifically to address the requirements of the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, the ROTAMASS XR also offers state-of-the-art accuracy level – 0.1% of measured value for liquids and 0.5% of measured value for gases – as well as excellent zero and long-term stability.

Featuring the unique ‘box-in-box’ design with dual balanced metering tubes, the ROTAMASS XR is based on a self-draining design and can carry out bi-directional measurements on mass flow, density and temperature as well as deriving the values of concentration, volume flow and net flow. In common with the rest of the ROTAMASS 3 series, the new ROTAMASS XR offers a temperature measurement accuracy of 0.5°C, which is unique in the market.

The ROTAMASS XR will operate over a temperature range of -200°C to +230°C, and is suitable for use in high solid content slurry applications when used with the new high-power option. Built-in self-diagnostic capabilities including slug flow detection and compensation as well as corrosion detection are standard features.

The new ROTAMASS XR exhibits a high degree of immunity to two-phase flow effects, and with the new high-power option can handle a higher level of entrained gas than other units currently on the market. In addition to digital communication via HART or FOUNDATION Fieldbus™ ATEX, IECEx and FM approval options are available for use in hazardous environments.

With the multi-flange concept offering process connections up to 8-inch ASME class 300 and DN200 PN40 as standard, the ROTAMASS XR is suitable for the most demanding applications.