The Yokogawa ADMAG AXF magnetic flowmeter is now available with PROFIBUS PA communications, allowing its easy integration into process environments. With a market share of over 60%, PROFIBUS is Europe’s leading bus protocol, and PROFIBUS PA (with the suffix ‘PA’ standing for process automation) is customised for use in the process industry.

With PROFIBUS PA field instruments are simple to integrate into the structure of a plant control system and can transmit measured values as well as being monitored, diagnosed and configured via the bus. Because the bus protocol integrates diagnostic functions and pre-emptive maintenance information, it is particularly suited for comprehensive solutions that minimise outages and enhance plant safety.

Users of Yokogawa’s ADMAG AXF can now choose between five different interfaces. Versions for HART, BRAIN and FOUNDATION Fieldbus have been on the market for some time, in addition to instruments with an analogue 4mA-20mA output.

The ADMAG AXF flowmeter is ideally suited to use in demanding applications, particularly for making reliable measurements in difficult media such as those with a large proportion of solids or with low conductivity. Operation only requires 1.0µS/cm media conductivity.

The standard accuracy is 0.35% of reading, but a high-grade option with an accuracy of 0.2% of reading is available. Both compact and remote types are available with PROFIBUS PA communications.