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Offshore Communication Networks

OTN Systems designs, develops and markets dedicated fibre-optic communication networks for offshore oil and gas projects worldwide.


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OTN Systems designs, develops and markets dedicated fibre-optic communication networks for offshore oil and gas projects worldwide. The Open Transport Network (OTN) is based on the latest fibre-optic technology and offers you the most reliable, open and easy-to-use system available on the market.

Offshore communication backbone network

The OTN is a reliable multi-service communication backbone for process control data, SCADA, telephony, public address, LAN and CCTV that fully supports your operations. The OTN transmits all the information between offshore locations and the onshore operations control room.

All applications can be connected directly to the broad range of interface cards which are configured in the modular OTN nodes. In addition to Ethernet and IP-based applications, legacy applications (analogue and digital) can also connect easily to the OTN.

Modular OTN node

OTN nodes are 19in rack-mountable, and have a modular design so they can easily be adapted to the type and amount of interfaces to be connected. All vital components can be equipped redundantly for maximum availability. The modularity of the system also facilitates maintenance and system modifications or expansions.

The N50 (2.5GB/s) and N70 (10GB/s) nodes provide secure and guaranteed transport for different Ethernet-based applications on a single network.
The offshore network is connected to the onshore plant by means of subsea fibre-optic cables or radio links.
The OTN management software, OMS, provides a user-friendly way of managing large OTN networks.
The OTN can be used in optical networks with a capacity of up to 10GB/s.
The OTN's modular optical network nodes provide connectivity, capacity, reliability and redundancy.

High-capacity fibre-optic communication system

The OTN nodes communicate with each other over a redundant optical fibre. This enables the transmission of a high bandwidth (e.g. 10Gb/s) over distances in excess of 100km. Furthermore, the optical fibre is immune to electromagnetic noise (EMC) caused by electric motors and other equipment.

Reliable bandwidth management

One of the unique features of the OTN is its capability to guarantee the availability of bandwidth to each application under all circumstances. To achieve this, bandwidth is provisioned for each network connection by OTN management software (OMS) during set-up. In this way bandwidth is allocated to each individual application so that it is always available, even in worst-case scenarios.

Video surveillance and recording system

As the OTN is capable of providing a large, dedicated amount of bandwidth to specific applications, it is ideally suited for network-based video surveillance. More than 1,000 camera images can be transported simultaneously over the OTN for viewing or recording on a network video recorder (NVR). In this way the operations control room can complement its SCADA system with live video feeds. The recorded images can be stored onshore and/or offshore and are used to retrace the cause of events happening on the platform.

Cost-effective offshore communication network

The graphical user interface (GUI) of the OMS, the plug-and-play concept of the modular nodes and the advanced redundancy features ensure that the OTN is reliable and easy to use. This is why OTN users benefit from an extremely low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Adaptable offshore communication networks

Offshore communication networks have to adapt to the constantly changing conditions. Furthermore, downtime for upgrades or updates has to be avoided. Therefore the design of the OTN ensures that it can adapt to new requirements and grow with the need for new applications, with limited or no downtime. To assist customers, OTN Systems also provides top-quality technical support for its products during their operational lifecycle of 10 to 15 years.

It is OTN Systems’ mission to provide innovative OTN solutions of the highest quality and reliability coupled with best-in-class customer support. You can experience the OTN at technologically advanced offshore installations around the world. Please contact us if you would like to receive more information.

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