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Supply and Inspection of Lifting Equipment

Angus Testing & Inspection Services (ATIS) specialises in the supply, testing, inspection and certification of lifting equipment for the offshore sector.

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Angus Testing & Inspection Services (ATIS) specialises in the supply, testing, inspection and certification of lifting equipment for the offshore sector.

Established in 2008, ATIS is a family-run business with a combined 30 years’ experience in the industry. We are based in north-east Scotland and are ready to deploy our skilled team of engineers to carry out all types of inspection work both onshore and offshore.

Our 2009 quality management system ensures high-quality service, reliable operations and competitive rates. In August 2010, ATIS secured DNV BS-EN-ISO 9001:2008 accreditation.

Magnetic particle inspection.
Dye penetrant inspection.
Ultrasonic testing.
Proof load testing.
Certification and inspection.
Sling hook with heavy-duty iron catch.
Collared eyebolts.
Heavy-duty chainblocks.
Wire rope slings.
High-visibility full body harness.

Non-destructive testing (NDT)

ATIS carries out the following NDT procedures:

  • Magnetic particle inspection (MPI): a magnetic field is used to detect discontinuities in ferroelectric materials, including iron, nickel and cobalt
  • Dye penetrant inspection (DPI) or liquid penetrant inspection (LPI): a low-cost inspection method used to detect defects in all non-porous materials, such as metals, plastics and ceramics
  • Ultrasonic testing (UT): short ultrasonic pulse-waves are used to locate internal flaws in steel and other metals and alloys, as well as concrete, wood and composites

Proof load testing

Proof testing is designed to demonstrate the fitness of a load-bearing structure. Proof tests may be performed before a unit enters service, prior to performing additional uses or to verify the functionality of an existing unit. Testing can be performed at the client’s site with calibrated hydraulic jacking kits or at our purpose-built testing facility with the capacity to carry out load tests of up to 200t.

Offshore equipment testing is generally carried out to the following standards:

  • BS1290
  • BSEN12079
  • DNV2.7-1 (including prototype testing)
  • DNV2.7-3
  • DNV2.2-2

Certification and inspection

Our experienced engineers are available to inspect and test the following equipment:

  • Offshore frames and units
  • ROV and dive systems
  • Loose lifting equipment and web slings
  • Hydraulic and air-operated winches
  • Overhead runway beams and davit arms
  • Overhead and fixed pedestal cranes
  • Telescopic and counterbalance forklifts
  • SI2307 LOLER thorough examination surveys

All of our engineers’ vehicles are equipped with an assortment of tools for site work, including hydraulic jacking kits, ladders and compressors. Engineers are also available for permanent site work as required. All work is carried out under approved company procedures unless otherwise stated by the client. Certification can be supplied in hard copy and/or PDF format.

Lifting equipment

ATIS provides all types of lifting equipment from the following manufacturers:

  • George Taylor & Co (our main supplier)
  • Tractel UK
  • RUD Chains
  • Crosby UK
  • William Hacket Chains
  • Columbus McKinnon
  • AP Lifting

We supply the following lifting equipment:

  • Grade 80 chains, fittings and lashing equipment
  • Safety / screw pin bow / dee shackles
  • Collar eyebolts
  • Rigging screws and turnbuckles
  • Hoisting and material-handling equipment
  • Duplex flat woven web slings / polyester round slings / ratchet and straps
  • Wire rope slings and assemblies

Height safety equipment

As well as being an approved supplier and repair centre for Kratoss safety products, we also offer the following height safety equipment:

  • Full body safety harnesses
  • Retractable fall arrest blocks
  • Single and twin lanyards

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  • Angus Testing & Inspection Services

    Angus Testing & Inspection Services (ATIS) is centred on the supplying, testing, inspection and certification of all types of lifting equipment.

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