Bezemer Hydraulic Linear Winches

Bezemer specialises in supplying linear winches, drum winches, swivel head fairleads, roller fairleaders, traction winches, and pipe / cable laying equipment.

The company represents a key role in landfall projects by providing dredgers, pipe laying vessels, and stone dumping vessels for backfilling.

Rental and distribution of linear and hydraulic winches

Bezemer sells and rents a wide range of winches made by well-known manufacturers.

The company’s engineering department will design and supervise the assembly and installation of winches according to the customer’s requirements.

Advanced cable installations

Bezemer is continually improving and refining cable laying processes, conventional cables being replaced with fibre-optics. These systems require special attention regarding traction, the speed of laying, tension combined with ships speed and motion.

In the multipurpose Sovereign dynamic vessel, the company supplied an installation that makes it possible to lay these complex structured cables in adverse sea conditions.

Pipe laying equipment

Bezemer has been instrumental in the development of advanced controlled pipe laying and recovery systems for offshore platforms, as they are similar to cable laying, particularly in the constant tension control techniques.

The company’s constant tension control is built to interface with different inputs such as load, trim and load compensation using accelerator sensors.

Hydraulic linear winches

The hydraulic linear winch allows clients to handle and move heavy loads. It is reliable, versatile and so compact that it can be put to work where no conventional winch or lifting device could be placed.

It can operate vertically, horizontally, under water, practically anywhere. It will grip and pull wire rope loads up to 1,000t, and is easy to control and maintain.

Single drum winches for mooring and lifting applications

Bezemer’s 80T single drum winches are powered by a diesel-hydraulic engine. The winch can be either operated using the hydraulic power unit (HPU), a central control location and/or wireless remote control.

The winch is joystick-controlled and operational in free fall mode. It features two separate fail-safe brakes and an option of locking pins is available.

Linear winches for marine applications

Bezemer linear winches comprise two frame-mounted grippers, which are independently controlled. With lifting capabilities ranging from 300mT to 800mT, they are ideal for operations in adverse environments, marine applications and salvage operations.

The CPM 1100 linear winch with 500mT capacities is specially designed for socket passing operations and long beach pulls, as long, heavy, steel wire ropes are not practical.

The power unit is a twin-engine, sound-insulated unit.

Specially designed by Bezemer and manufactured by Kley France, the KTC 800 linear winch is the most powerful linear winch operating in the world. It is used for applications that require a high pull force on a single wire.

This machine accommodates wire sizes up to 152mm and built in two pieces, which are easily connected and disconnected.

The power unit is built in two separate skids, to reduce the dimensions and weights.

Available in capacities of 500mT and 800mT, Bezemer’s state-of-the-art, explosion-proof KTC linear winches are designed for offshore facilities, live platforms and refineries.

Designed according to Norsok Z-015, the linear winch can be divided into four sections to accommodate low-capacity requirements of platform cranes. Each section can be lifted without a cradle and is separately certified according to the DNV 2.7-1 standard.

Mechanical engineering services

Bezemer’s specialised engineering department works independently for direct customers while supporting the group’s activities.

With a focus on offshore mechanical engineering projects, the company’s engineers produce designs for pipeline systems for gas, oil or chemical tankers.

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Press Release

Pipeline Recovery Pulled 1,500t

The KTC 800 SP was used for a pipeline recovery as part of the Elbedüker project in Germany.

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Press Release

16 September 2015

The KTC 800 SP was used for a pipeline recovery as part of the Elbedüker project in Germany.

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31 March 2015

Bezemer is taking two deliveries of 2,000m, 127mm-diameter, low-rotation steel wire rope.

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3 March 2015

For a project our KTI 150 linear winch is being transported by air.

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8 November 2009

Bezemer has booked the following orders so far in the 2009/2010 financial year: Two 800mt beach pulls for the Magellan Strait 500mt beach pulls for Safaniya 500mt beach pull for the Nort Stream 500mt beach pull for the Deep Panuke 48in proj

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Bezemer Group BV

PO Box 154

3300 AD Dordrecht



+31 78 618 10 00 +31 78 618 70 19

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