Southampton-based firm Dynamic Load Monitoring (DLM) is pleased to announce that we have been awarded a prestigious overseas contract for the supply of a light-weight wheeled detrenching grapnel. Due to be delivered in November 2010, the wheeled detrenching grapnel highlights DLM’s commitment to supplying a wide range of services to the subsea cable-laying industry.

On winning the contract DLM’s director, Martin Halford, commented: “We are delighted to be supplying a wheeled detrenching Grapnel and believe it highlights some of the lesser known capabilities of DLM within the subsea cable-laying industry”.

The wheeled detrenching grapnel is generally used by subsea cable-laying companies for either cable recovery work or burial assessment, each of which is achieved by mounting two different types of flukes on the grapnel crown.

Monitoring the different stages of cable recovery or burial assessment is carried out by the fitment or a sonar transmitter system, which is picked up by a hydrophone lowered over the side of the ship. This is then displayed using an applied acoustics PAM 2520 command unit.