Piet Kant is a plant engineer at Baggermaatschappij Boskalis, which is part of the Royal Boskalis Westminster. His cooperation with Double D dates back to the early 1990s.

About Boskalis

Royal Boskalis Westminster is a leading global services provider operating in the dredging and earthmoving, maritime infrastructure and maritime services sectors. They provide innovative all-round solutions in the oil and gas, ports and land reclamation and coastal defence markets all around the world. Dredging and earthmoving is the largest activity within the group. Through SMIT Boskalis is also active in Harbour towage, salvage, transport and heavy lift and terminal service.

Royal Boskalis Westminster also has strategic partnerships with Archirodon, a leading maritime contractor in the Middle East and North Africa, and Lamnalco, a global provider of terminal services.

Boskalis has approximately 14,000 employees, including its share in partnerships. They operate in over 65 countries across six continents. Their versatile fleet consists of over 1,100 ships and auxiliary equipment which can be deployed in the optimal configuration for each individual project.

Cranes at sea in trying circumstances

Piet Kant has been active in dredging for 40 years. He started his career at Baggermaatschappij Holland, which was taken over by Boskalis in 1996. He is a plant engineer at the central technical department and is responsible for the worldwide deployment of auxiliary equipment in dredging and sand reclamation. Piet works from Papendrecht, Netherlands and controls activities executed by tugs and working pontoons all over the world.

His first contact with Double D dates from the time he worked for Baggermaatschappij Holland. At that time, in 1994, Double D delivered a fixed boom crane for a dredge barge.

“Interesting to point out,” says Piet, “is that the delivery of this crane was an absolute first for Double D. It was their very first crane.”

From then on Piet has continued to cooperate with Double D, even after joining Boskalis. Altogether Double D has delivered eight to nine knuckle boom cranes.

“So far we have purchased cranes from Double D. We have never needed accessories such as winches,” says Piet.

“Boskalis’ ships are equipped with standard winches. Still I have to stipulate that the purchasing of cranes and other items is eventually a joint decision with the Boskalis purchasing department.
I give advice and make recommendations concerning the selection of suppliers and product,” Piet adds.

Double D has done well out of meeting with Piet.

This cooperation has made clear which impact seawater might have on crane parts and, among other things, this has led to Double D adjusting and improving its cranes.

“This is one of the assets of doing business with Double D,” says Piet, “they are susceptible to suggestions and advice.”

The one thing Piet would like to see with regard to the improvement of the cranes is the replacement of large control handles by hydraulic joysticks. According to him this will improve the view and make operating easier.

Professional skills and business acumen is how Piet sums up his cooperation with Double D.