offshore hoisting equipment

EMCE provides high-quality winches, capstans and hoisting equipment, together with services including professional advice and design, procurement, engineering and manufacturing, testing, delivery and installation, and inspection, repair and maintenance.

The company’s mission is to exceed the quality, performance, durability and safety expectations of its customers, whether in shipbuilding, oil and gas, dredging, fishing, construction, mining, theatre or general industry.

Quality procurement and winch manufacturing services

EMCE never compromises on quality, which underpins its procurement and manufacturing, workforce ethic, safety culture and customer service. It has 45 years of dedicated winch design and fabrication experience, which translates into genuine knowledge and understanding of the entire process.

Unit price is an important consideration, but so too is reliability and the cost of maintenance. EMCE is a pioneer of winch design and construction based on simplicity, efficiency and reliability, creating low-maintenance products that operate without the need for servicing for longer periods, reducing the total cost of ownership. Products are certified and documented according to industry regulations, including Lloyd’s, DNV and ABS.

EMCE winches operate reliably in a range of harsh environments.
Hoisting equipment can be designed to meet specific operating and performance needs.
A winch control panel.
Airtuggers installed at Seadrill JU-2000 rig.
Spooling reel for Geocean Singapore.
CT-winch for TLP Magnolia mooring in GOM.
Diving frame manriding winches for McDermott Batam.
150t mooring winches for Dockwise floatover.
Eight-point mooring system.

Bespoke winches and capstans

EMCE hoisting equipment can be designed to meet the specific operating and performance conditions of clients, and around three-quarters of its products are tailor-made. It creates winches and capstans from 100kg to 100t, with electric, hydraulic and pneumatic options and gear configurations to suit countless applications.

Rapid delivery of hoisting equipment

EMCE’s in-house capabilities include design, administration, engineering and testing. The company has complete control of the production process as a whole, including the quality and availability of resources.

Headquartered close to Schiphol Airport and the port of Amsterdam, EMCE also responds quickly to new orders with swift turnarounds even on complex projects. Products are rapidly delivered globally, and the company’s off-the-shelf catalogue offers even more immediate solutions for clients. International support is supplied by its network of suppliers and service experts.

EMCE company profile

EMCE is focused on maintaining the highest quality standards through its products, personnel and services. The company understands the importance of ensuring that solutions meet or exceed the expectations placed upon them. It actively pursues ways of delivering this assurance, through open and honest dialogue, transparent operational procedures, rigorous testing and full certification.