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Design and Manufacture of Explosion-Proof Lifting Devices

ETS Engineering is Italy's leading manufacturer of medium and heavy lifting devices and cranes. The company designs and manufactures technological bridge cranes, pillar jib cranes, hoists, winches and gantry cranes for the oil and gas sector.

Explosion-proof lifting devices

ETS Engineering is Italy’s leading manufacturer of medium and heavy lifting devices and cranes. The company designs and manufactures technological bridge cranes, pillar jib cranes, hoists, winches and gantry cranes for the oil and gas sector. It also engineers special cranes for both onshore and offshore use, designs and produces heavy lifting spreader beams and supplies related accessories, such as shackles, turnbuckles, slings and grommets.

All products are available in explosion-proof versions according to ATEX directives and IECex and UL/Nema certifications. Products can be supplied in electric or manual versions. Commitment, expertise and flexibility make ETS one of the most dynamic lifting companies in Italy and abroad. It aims to make a light task of your complex and heavy daily loads.

Cranes and hoists

ETS offers crane components and provides an after-sales service for erection and maintenance. Besides the design and production of cranes and hoists in accordance with Machine Directive 2006/42/EC, ETS Engineering is also able to design and produce cranes and hoists in accordance with European ATEX directive 94/9/EC and normative prescription EN13463.

20t crane delivered to Petrobras.
25t crane.
60t crane.
Telescopic crane.
Crane with rotating beam.
Electric overhead travelling (EOT) cranes.
Offshore jib crane.
Rotor spreader beam.
380t spreader beam.

Explosion-proof overhead cranes

ETS is certified with ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 through DNV and notified for the production of explosion-proof overhead travelling cranes for offshore and onshore applications through Bureau Veritas. All ETS products satisfy the safety requirements for Group II and Category 2 and 3 (Zone 1 and Zone 2) explosion-proof areas. The company’s explosion-proof classification complies with Eex-d and Eex-d/e IIB or IIC up to temperature range T4.

Great production experience in the Ex-d anti-explosion field allows ETS to supply to petrochemical and/or highly explosive environments. Machines are supplied with anti-explosive, non-sparking, closed, externally ventilated electric motors with brakes and increased safety. All appliances comply with requested standards regarding installation in dangerous areas where explosive atmospheres may develop. ETS overhead cranes can therefore be used in the pharmaceutical, oil, chemical, petrochemical, engineering and process plant engineering industries and in the mining and offshore maritime sectors.

The new ATEX directive has led to new rules inherent to the anti-explosion sector in Europe and beyond, meaning that new management and control systems must be introduced to ensure a greater guarantee of safety on products introduced into the market which are only to be used in potentially explosive environments. ETS is able to supply a product that complies with the ATEX directive and which is therefore suitable for use in the European market and worldwide. The company has supplied applications for ATEX-classified plants in countries including Italy, Brazil, Russia, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Nigeria, Algeria, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE.

ETS company profile

ETS has supplied medium and heavy lifting equipment for almost 40 years. The company’s success is built on the steady engagement of the whole team. ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications show its responsibility towards the continuous improvement of the quality of its products, with special attention to the environment and safety of those who work within the company.

Modern technologies and commitment are the key elements that have allowed ETS to achieve great results in a traditionally difficult field such as the offshore and onshore oil and gas heavy lifting sector. ETS is an enterprising company that strives for continual improvement, adapting to the ever-changing needs of the market with great production flexibility. Each achievement is a new start and each project is a new challenge.

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    Since almost 40 years, ETS has represented a solid reference point in the sector of medium and heavy lifting equipment. A success built thanks to the steady engagement of the whole team.


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