Hevilifts and HTC are innovative, forward-thinking companies working with partners worldwide to provide complete engineering solutions, specialising in the application of hydraulic cylinder and strand jacking techniques to the petrochemical (onshore and offshore) markets.

Onshore and offshore jacking systems

Hydraulic systems are the fastest, easiest and often the only practical solution for the majority of lifting and moving problems. Hevilifts has the expertise and equipment to provide and operate synchronised jacking systems for any application, whether lifting decks for bearing replacement, supporting structures during concrete repairs, both off and onshore maintenance works or weighing critical elements.

Hevilifts can design, supply and operate strand jack systems for the installation and/or replacement of thruster units on drilling ships and floating platforms. Strand jacks provide a compact and cost-effective solution for handling these heavy thruster units.

Temporary propping and jacking systems

If conditions are unsuitable to utilise the existing structure as a jacking platform, Hevilifts offers full design and installation of an integrated propping and jacking system. Special components have been developed to ensure compatibility between our jacking system and the proprietary propping system. To provide clients with a total package we offer bespoke solutions or a system based on proprietary components.

Wanadoo production platform.
Hevilifts offers full design and installation of an integrated propping and jacking system.
Hevilifts' monitoring systems have the ability to be installed as semi-permanent providers of structure behavioural trends in stress, strain, load and movement.
A set of high-powered jacks awaiting installation.
Forties Alpha oil rig, North Sea.

Onshore and offshore slide systems

Technically advanced materials are used as the basis of our slide systems, generally combined with steel or stainless-steel track elements. Whether pushing or pulling using hydraulic jacks, Hevilifts utilises the latest technology to provide its clients with the best possible sliding solutions.

Onshore and offshore monitoring control systems

Hevilifts’ monitoring systems have kept pace with requirements for ever-tightening tolerances to be maintained during jacking and sliding operations. Hevilifts’ monitoring systems were designed primarily as an aid to the jacking process, however they now encompass the ability to be installed as semi-permanent providers of structure behavioural trends in stress, strain, load and movement.

Stressing and tensioning equipment

The controlled application of load to strand, rod, bar and bolt can be a critical element within the construction programme and requires the employment of particular expertise. Hevilifts has developed the equipment and associated techniques to become a world leader through the use of advanced materials and high-pressure engineering systems.

Tower cranes and hoists

HTC can offer a complete tower crane and hoist package tailored to meet the stringent requirements of complex engineering solutions particularly for flare stack replacements.

HTC offers the complete package, from single cranes to multi-crane sites, including internal and external climbing cranes, static and rail-mounted cranes from our purpose-built facility in Sheffield. We have a fleet of over 200 cranes comprising of luffing and saddle jib top slewing cranes ranging from 6t to 50t capacity.

HTC can also offer a full hoist package to include passenger / goods and goods-only hoists with car sizes up to 5m x 2m and hoisting capacities of 1,200kg to 2.6t. We also offer transport platforms with 3t lifting capacity and 6m x 3m car size.

We operate from four depots throughout the UK with a large fleet of market-leading Alimak hoists. Each depot is staffed by a team of knowledgeable and highly trained professionals with a wealth of experience in all aspects of specifying and installing the most appropriate hoist solution for our clients’ construction projects – often requiring a bespoke, dependable solution.

Bearing supply and installation

Hevilifts offers a full solution package regarding the inspection, replacement, supply, installation and servicing of all types of structural bearings, including elastomeric and full mechanical bearings.

ISO-accredited health and safety standards

Hevilifts is ISO 9001 accredited and maintains communication and consultation with its employees, which is key to a safe environment. To achieve this, Hevilifts initiates health and safety committee meetings attended by representatives from all areas of the business, and is committed to the principles of an incident and injury-free (IIF) culture.