Holland Marine Lifts is a family-run company specialising in designing and engineering custom-made lifts for marine environments, including the offshore industry. Whether you are looking for a crew lift, a cargo lift, dumbwaiter or platform lift, we can provide you with a lift that meets all your requirements, as well as refurbishing existing lifts.

Marine lifts for crew safety

For harsh and hazardous offshore environments, safety and quality are of the utmost importance. This imposes special requirements on the lift’s design, materials and components. During the design process, the following choices are made:

  • Type of drive: electric or hydraulic
  • Suspension: rope or chain
  • Machine room: above, below, beside or inside the lift trunk
  • Doors: hinged (single or double panels) or automatic sliding

Our lift cars are supplied with a speed governor and safety gear as standard. We can fit all lifts with SOLAS A 60 doors and water-resistant push button panels. In addition, all crew and cargo lifts can be delivered in explosion-proof versions.

All our lifts are designed to comply with European and international marine standards (NORSOK and NMD), and will be classified by notified bodies if applicable, such as LRS, DNV and ABS.

Lift shaft.
Cargo lift trough deck.
Landing doors Solas A60.
Two crew lifts for Oleg Strashnov.
One crew lift for Seafox5.
Top hatch of CaH15000.
Roller shutter of CaH15000.
Crew lift for Sapura.
Crew lift in drilltower of Bully 1.

Crew lifts for the offshore sector

Within the limits of regulations and technical possibilities, we can create whatever you need; from a standard car to a stainless-steel car or round-shaped, full glass panel panoramic lift. Following your requirements, we use state-of-the-art finishing in all possible materials.

We design our crew lifts with maximum passenger safety by using high-quality components, such as drive, door detection systems and intelligent lift control. If required, we can provide a plug-in lift trunk in steel or aluminium. Through clever engineering, we can assure a short assembly time through delivery of pre-assembled installations.

Cargo lifts for freight transportation

Depending on the type of freight being transported, we can assist you with our experience of material handling to find the right solution to your challenge. All our freight lifts have rigid and flush floors and walls.

Platform lifts for heavy lifting

For heavy lifting assignments, such as containers or vehicles, we have our platform lifts type CaH12000 or CaH15000, with a lifting capacity of up to 15,000kg.

These hydraulic-driven platform lifts can also be executed with a WT top hatch on a coaming. This gives you the opportunity to transport large goods or containers from the outside main deck to the stores or mud room, which are situated on lower decks.

The lift shaft will be fully enclosed by walls and roller shutters, in order to provide full safety during operation. As soon as the lift has arrived, the roller shutter can be opened electronically.

Dumbwaiters and service lifts

According to international lift regulations, a service lift or dumbwaiter has a maximum floor space of one metre by one metre and a maximum car clear height of 1,200mm. A fixed shelf at 1,200mm is also accepted to make sure that the lift is not used as a passenger lift. Depending on whether you want to use the lift for just trays or also a trolley, there are numerous possibilities when designing the most suitable dumbwaiter.

About Holland Marine Lifts

Holland Marine Lifts has advanced technical knowledge and long-lasting experience in marine lift engineering. One of our strengths is that the whole process, from engineering to manufacturing to the actual installation of the lift, takes place in-house.

We are therefore able to plan with you and your engineering team, in order to design the most suitable lift for any situation. During this process, our philosophy is to simplify the integration of the lift in a vessel as much as possible.

Holland Marine Lifts is certified by LRS against ISO 9001:2008.

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