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Huchez Winches

Bespoke Winch Systems for Offshore Vessels and Rigs

Huchez Winches specialises in the design and manufacture of advanced manual and electric winches for the offshore industry.

9 Grande Rue,
60420 France

300kg haulage winch

Huchez Winches specialises in the design and manufacture of advanced manual and electric winches for the offshore industry.

We are able to provide a wide variety of tailor-made winch systems optimised for use on-board vessels, rigs and barges, which can be deployed either on or under decks depending on clients’ operational needs.

Custom-engineered winch solutions for marine applications

Huchez Winches supplies fully bespoke winches that are designed in accordance with customers’ individual specifications.

The company’s dedicated engineering department is able to respond to clients’ most unique and complex requirements, developing solutions that are specially adapted for compatibility with their own existing systems for maximum efficiency.

Our product line includes an extensive range of umbilical, capstan and constant tension winches. Units can be configured for specialist applications such as lifting or moving a load horizontally, measuring load positions and securing / stabilising cargo.

We also provide winch systems that are designed for deployment in restrictive environments, including ATEX zones, in accordance with the latest industry standards.

Hard-wearing winches for critical offshore locations

Huchez Winches’ designs prioritise product quality, reliability and durability, while ensuring all systems meet end-user expectations and are compliant with the strictest national / international safety standards, including European Machine Directive 2006/42/EC.

Our standard winch systems can also be further reinforced with a number of robust protection solutions in order to increase wear-resistance during deployment in harsh marine locations.

We offer a selection of heavy-duty winches with increased ingress protection (IP) for motors and controls, in addition to durable marine paint, stainless-steel drums and additional cooling or heating options to safeguard systems against naturally occurring damage from prolonged exposure to offshore environments.

Encoders and sensors can also be integrated into the winch units to allow the monitoring and controlling of loads upon request.

Expert technical support for marine winch devices

Huchez Winches’ in-house design facility is equipped with the latest 3D, ergonomics and quick prototyping tools to facilitate ongoing research into new products and technologies for oil and gas industry applications.

Our dedicated team is able offer vital practical advice and technical support to help clients select the optimum winch unit for their individual project, as well as provide further assistance throughout the project lifecycle, from risk analysis studies through to onsite installation procedures.

All our winches are carefully checked and tested at each manufacturing stage to deliver optimum performance, endurance and build quality, while our staff regularly monitor clients’ projects throughout every stage of development to ensure high-quality results.

About Huchez Winches

Huchez Winches is a France-based, family owned business that has more than 70 years’ experience in the design and fabrication of professional winch systems.

We are committed to providing personalised product design expertise and high-quality, cost-effective solutions that meet specific requirements in order to build long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships with our customers.

Our engineers are constantly undertaking research and development in order to devise new products and technologies that address our clients’ needs as efficiently as possible.

As a leading provider of winch solutions, we are a fully ISO 9001-certified company and a member of the Federation of Mechanical Engineering Industries’ (FIM) Construction, Infrastructures, Metalworking and Handling Equipment Association (CISMA).

Huchez SA

9 Grande Rue