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Huse Engineering

Lifting and Handling Solutions for Marine and Offshore Industries

We are 47 highly qualified employees

Huse Engineering is an innovative company with a strong focus on providing the best lifting and handling solutions for the marine and offshore industries. Our products are developed in close co-operation with Rolls-Royce Marine.

We carry out concept evaluation and development, engineering design, fabrication and assembly, installation and commissioning.

Huse Engineering is a fully owned company of I. P. Huse – a world leading manufacturer of winches for anchor handling vessels (AHTS).

We are 47 highly qualified employees who are ready to offer you the best service. Our head office is located in Molde, four kilometres west of Molde Airport and 97km from Ålesund Airport.

Products offered by Huse Engineering

Safer deck operation cranes

Cranes for AHTS (anchor handling tug and supply vessels)

The AH-cranes are moveable and flexible shipboard cranes, which help in reducing hazardous deck operations. More than 140 units have been delivered since 2006. An extensive reference list can be given upon request.

General specifications:

• Double jib knuckle boom crane, SB and PS version
• Cranes are installed on top of cargo rail, and are driven by pitch rack and pinion in the ship’s longitudinal direction (reduced speed with full hook load)
• Electro-hydraulic power unit above slew bearing
• Power through a combined swivel and slip-ring unit in the crane trolley
• Portable wireless control unit
• Equipped with various tools for deck operations, e.g. chain claw, wire twist reducer, heavy-lift, pennant catcher, etc.

There are three available crane models:


• Suitable for vessel beam 20 – 22m
• Lifting capacity 3 – 5m T SWL
• Lifting range 3,2 – 14,3m


• Lifting capacity 3 – 7,5m T SWL
• Lifting range 3,2 – 15,3m
• 15T SWL in two-fall configuration

AH-100 (new)

• Lifting capacity 6 – 10mT SWL
• Lifting range 3 – 17m
• 25T SWL heavy lift configuration

Cranes for PSVs (platform supply vessels)

Moveable crane based on the same interface (rail) as AH-cranes. The cranes are optimised for cargo handling, i.e. containers, baskets, pipes, etc. Complimentary deck tools are provided as options.

The new DDC (dual draglink crane) concept provides a significant increase in operational capabilities. Due to the crane’s geometrical and structural properties, the DDC system gives several advantages compared to traditional cranes; increased maximum SWL working area, increased lifting range and height, lower weight and CoG and optimised horizontal load handling.


• Capacity 6 – 10m T SWL
• Lifting range 1,6 – 16m
• Accessories: restrictor tool for stabilising cargo and lifting tool for deck handling operations

Offshore and subsea cranes

Special DDC for the handling of subsea modules and other equipment on offshore vessels. Capacity 20T to 150T SWL. The crane is equipped with an active heave compensating system (AHC).

This can either be a winch (rotational) based system or a crane jib (linear) compensating system. The crane jib AHC system has the following advantages; reduced heat generation and friction on wire, reduced bending cycles and overall fatigue for wire ropes.

In combination with fibre rope, this will provide a favourable solution with respect to fatigue.

Huse Engineering AS

Verftsgata 10

6416 Molde