The Imeca AgilisTM offers features that directly address call cost reduction from operators while providing contractors and vessel owners with a means to distinguish themselves.

Based on many years of experience and the proven track record of our offshore cranes team, we have designed the Agilisin such way that it can be easily retrofitted onto a new-build design or retrofitted to existing vessels, improving efficiency.

Enabling the SWL to be placed in air at unlimited water-depth and increased energy efficiency were two features of particular importance when developing this piece of equipment.

The Agilis subsea crane features Imeca’s patented fibre rope handling system. Since fibre rope is neutrally buoyant in water, the length of the rope in water does not affect the lifting capacity. This allows large subsea lifts from relatively small vessels. In addition, the low weight and COG of the Agilishelp reduces the required vessel size even further.

To make the Agilis an energy-efficient subsea crane, it is fitted with electric winches and slewing motors. This reduces energy consumption by 30% compared to electric-hydraulic drive systems. Imecas patent-pending peak-shaving solution optimises power demand. It can be outfitted with an energy storage solution, allowing it to become a net producer of energy instead of a consumer.

The Agilis will be launched at the OSJ conference in London.