Joyce Krane

Joyce Krane offers heavy lift and logistics solutions for the offshore and mining industry.

Specialist cranes for offshore applications

Joyce Krane’s lifting solutions include all-terrain, truck-mounted, rough terrain, and pick-and-carry cranes, which are suitable for adverse conditions, as well as remote or isolated locations.

Joyce Krane’s taxi fleet of more than 60 machines offer lifting capacities varying from 15t to 250t, and full mobility capabilities to suit the client’s requirements.

The company also provides a selection of accessories to complement its cranes, and an operator hire service.

Joyce Krane is an Australian provider of cranes and logistic solutions.
The company’s cranes are used for offshore and mining applications.
Joyce Krane’s heavy lifting cranes have lifting capacities of 750t.
All cranes come with radio-frequency identification (RFID) tracking to ensure quick deployment.
Joyce Krane supplies a wide range of transportation solutions for any logistic requirement.

Specialised heavy-lift systems

Joyce Krane’s specific heavy lift solutions comprise three machines:

  • LTM 1400-7.1: 400t lifting capacity
  • LTM 1750-9.1: 750t lifting capacity
  • LTM 1950: 750t+ lifting capacity or LTM 1750: 750t lifting capacity

The unique 750t cranes enable the company to provide systems to clients who require minimal deployment costs with critical machine assembly times.

Turnkey transport services

Ranging from semi-trailers to 11 line platform capacities, Joyce Krane’s transportation services manage clients’ logistical requirements by supplying comprehensive, bespoke relocation solutions.

Offshore labour hire services

Joyce Krane personnel are trained in-house in order to meet the requirements of third-party verification of competency (VOC) assessments, as well as having relevant Worksafe High Risk Licences.

Lifting, rigging and crane consultancy

Joyce Krane assesses each project and offers an independent third-party crane and logistic requirement review to provide relevant recommendations to the client.

The company aims to enhance process and execution performance, procedures and methodology.

Emergency breakdown support for lifting equipment

Joyce Krane offers 24/7 support, and on-call team members provide immediate assistance for emergencies, unexpected breakdowns or roadside incidents.