LCM Systems designs, supplies and manufactures load cells and instrumentation systems for a wide range of lifting, weighing and load monitoring applications throughout the offshore industry. LCM Systems has an international reputation for its tough, reliable and accurate load cells that are able to withstand the harsh offshore environment.

Not only does the company offer ‘off-the-shelf’ load cells and systems for a wide variety of problems encountered by offshore engineers, but our experienced in-house design engineers also provide customised solutions. By understanding the offshore industry, we work closely with our customers, from initial concept, through design, testing and calibration, to final installation.

Customer service is the key to LCM Systems’ success and we believe in honesty from the very start of any new project. Having an in-house design team means that we have full control over our product development and we strive to meet all project demands in terms of quality, budget and delivery.

Shackle load cells – fixed and wireless versions

Shackle load cells are LCM Systems’ most popular load cells for the offshore industry. Specifically designed for lifting and weighing projects in harsh or rugged environments, they are ideal for use in applications such as under-hook hoist and crane weighing, cable tension monitoring and crane load safety monitoring. They can be supplied as either cabled or the increasingly popular wireless telemetry versions.

The wireless TELSHACK-B shackle load cell for hoist and crane applications, and crane load safety monitoring.
Load monitoring pins for applications including crane overload protection, winch force monitoring and mooring tension measurement.
Radio telemetry wireless link load cell (RILL), ideal for crane applications and cable tension monitoring.
The CPA compression load cell is ideal for outdoor use and can be fully immersed in water.

Ever mindful of customers’ needs and preferences, LCM Systems can provide the load cells with Crosby shackles as standard, or as an option with Greenpin™ or GN Rope shackles.

Of particular interest to the offshore industry is the wireless TELSHACK-B bow shackle load cell and the SHK-B cable version, both of which can be used for applications up to 400t.

Both shackle load cells are constructed from high tensile carbon steel, with the shackle and load pin fully certified. They are environmentally sealed to IP66 to protect against harsh weather conditions.

The TELSHACK-B load cells have a transmission range of up to 120m clear line of sight and one of the main features is that the housing is supplied with a built-in rechargeable battery. This means that they can be removed from the shackle for charging, while the shackle itself remains in place.

Standard and customised load measuring pins

Load measuring pins (LMP) are used in a wide range of offshore technology applications including crane overload protection, winch force monitoring and mooring tension measurement. Alongside standard ranges constructed in high tensile stainless steel, in-house design engineers can also provide customised solutions depending on particular application requirements.

The standard LMPs cover ranges between 500kg and 1,500t, and are proof-loaded to 150% of the normal rated load. Environmentally sealed to IP67, they are ideally suited for use in harsh, exposed situations and can be supplied to withstand immersion in seawater. If required, an anti-rotation plate can be supplied as standard along with an integral connector.

With a 100% focus on the design and manufacture of load cells, LCM Systems also offers a rapid, like-for-like retrofit service for competitors’ systems, providing customers with identical load measuring pins at very competitive prices.

Link load cells

LCM Systems’ link load cells are the first choice for many offshore crane applications. The most popular are the radio telemetry wireless link load cell (RILL) and the load monitoring link (TLL).

Manufactured from high tensile aluminium, the RILL is lightweight, while the shackle holes are steel bushed to ensure they are rugged and hardwearing. It is easy to install and can be matched to standard shackle sizes. The RILL link load cells use a license free 2.4Ghz radio and are supplied with a battery powered handheld indicator that displays the load in ton. They can be supplied as a simple link or LCM’s technical engineers can integrate them into more powerful radio systems.

The TLL is constructed entirely from stainless steel and can be supplied with a rated load ranging from 5t to 100t.

Environmentally sealed to IP66, as the cells are manufactured ‘on demand’, they can be supplied to exact specifications including size, range and output. All products are easy to install and as with the RILL can be matched to standard shackle sizes or shackles provided as part of a complete package. The TLL series can be combined with LCM Systems’ extensive range of instrumentation to provide a complete load monitoring system.

Stainless-steel compression load cells

The CPA series of stainless-steel compression load cells are particularly suitable for permanent outdoor installations. They are available in ranges from 2t to 1,000t, with options available for full immersion in water. Previously supplied special options include domed top (supplied with or without loading cap), integral carry handles, mounting base integral connectors, and internal analogue/digital signal amplifiers.

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