Lifting Technologies (LTI), established in Missoula, MT, US in 1987, is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of safe, high-quality crane-suspended and forklift-mounted platforms to lift personnel.

OSHA-standard personnel-hoisting platforms for cranes and derricks

When LTI was founded in 1987, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), part of the US Government’s department of labor, had been in the process of promulgating a new rule that would establish an OSHA standard for cranes and derricks hoisting personnel. 29 CFR Part 1926.550(g), governing the proper and safe use of suspended personnel platforms (manbaskets), became the final rule and was enacted into law on 2 August 1988.

LTI was the first company in the US to manufacture high-quality manbaskets that complied with the new rule. Later, the company added additional types of platforms to the manbasket product range.

Work platforms / manbaskets

LTI’s product line consists of the following:

Crane-suspended platform; model BM2-600G (36in x 60in).
Forklift platform; model FL2-800G (48in x 48in).
Material-only platform; model MB-1000 (24in x 24in x 18in).
Cantilever suspended platform with an adjustable counterweight system; model CW2-600.
  • Crane-suspended personnel platforms
  • Forklift-mounted personnel platforms
  • Material-only platforms

Crane-suspended work platforms

LTI’s crane-suspended platforms are known throughout the industry for their excellent protection, heavyweight stability and long service life. Every model comes with our patented detachable test weight system, ensuring maximum safety below the hook and full compliance with OSHA.

Forklift-mounted work platforms

LTI’s forklift-mounted work platforms provide the ultimate in functional safety and confidence for personnel aloft. These platforms feature our unique patented quick-claw safety system, which grips and holds the platform securely to the forks.

Material-only work platforms

LTI’s material-only platforms are designed and built to each customer’s specifications. All material platforms are load-tested prior to shipping, and include an ID-plate specifying material only, and a load rating.

Custom-designed work platforms

Over the years, LTI has provided hundreds of customers with various custom-designed platforms to fit their specifications. Usually these custom platforms will require engineering costs to make certain they meet all of OSHA’s requirements. We welcome all of your enquiries and look forward to serving your custom-platform needs.

New proposed rules for crane-suspended personnel platforms

On 9 October 2008, OSHA proposed a new 29 CFR Part 1926 rule, which will replace the current Part 1926. A copy of the proposed rule for manbaskets can be found on LTI’s website.