Load Controls Systems provides safe load-monitoring systems for offshore cranes in hazardous areas, as well as technical support and management services for these products.

Rated-capacity indicator system for hazardous areas

Load Controls Systems is an exclusive distributor of Wylie Systems for Singapore, the Far East, Asia and the Middle East.

The Wylie WW650v3 rated-capacity indicator system is designed and built for offshore cranes which operate in hazardous zones. It is constructed with the intrinsically-safe features required for an offshore crane operating in an offshore environment. The WW650 model comes with all the certification required for a hazardous environment.

The Wylie i-3000 series rated-capacity indicator system is most suitable for offshore cranes operating in safe-cab / hazardous areas. Many Wylie i-3000 series systems are installed in offshore cranes. The display provides graphic icons rather than text.

The Wylie i-3000 series rated-capacity indicator system – suitable for offshore crane operating.
We sell /rent loadcells with a load shackle of up to 1,200m/t.
Anchor-winch load tension monitoring system and footage counter.
Module weighing project range: 100t to 5,000t.
Use of water bag for BOP chain hoist test.

Its features include:

  • User friendly – ease in reading the information in the display unit
  • Easy to operate and change to the next menu to check the parameters
  • Easy to use and search for information of the fault in the diagnostic menu
  • Information on hook height
  • Easily plugged into the global positioning system (optional)
  • Powerful memory
  • Data-logging facility to check the historical archive
  • Remote monitoring at another location

Rental of loadcells and waterbags

Load Controls Systems has a fleet of waterbags and loadcells of various sizes for hire, which can be used to conduct load tests for lifting equipment and lifting gears in the marine and offshore industries.

With this fleet of loadcells and waterbags, Load Controls Systems is able to provide rental services to customers who conduct load tests for their lifting equipment and gears.

Anchor-winch tension monitoring systems

Load Controls Systems has installed many loadcell systems for load tension monitoring, which are used on all types of anchor winches mounted on-board vessels.

We are also the first company able to provide a digital output into an analogue display gauge for a loadcell system. The system can be further enhanced with a single monitoring panel with recording facility.

Customized shearing loadcells

Load Controls Systems can produce customized shearing loadcells to exactly match the winches. These not only offer a reliable solution over the long term, but also provide a higher productivity level to the ship crew, as they are a maintenance-free system.

The systems can have either a multiple or single display panel monitoring load tension, pay-in/pay-out, and speed of the anchor winches, and there is no limitation on the number of winches.

Load-monitoring systems technical service

Load Controls Systems believes that every member of staff is an important asset of the company, and only motivated and happy staff will able to keep up the performance to provide customer satisfaction. The culture of our company is that everyone involved has a responsibility to give his/her total commitment for the interest of the company and benefit of the customers.

All our technical support staff are trained in our company’s products and systems, and thanks to many years of working experience they are able to provide a level of service to match the customer’s expectation. Load Controls Systems is able to mobilize its service technical support staff quickly for any emergency requirement, even overseas.

Design and consultation for loadcells and safe load-indicator systems

With years of working experience, our management team is able to provide design, solution advice and consultation with customers who seek solutions for technical problems with loadcells and safe load-indicator systems for their offshore cranes and anchor winches. Our management team can be contacted at anytime.

About Load Control Systems

Load Controls Systems was formed in 1996 as a subsidiary of Tat Hong Holdings, based in Singapore. As a subsidiary, Load Controls Systems has the advantages of using the network of Tat Hong companies which are established in the Far East, Asia and the Middle East. The network of Tat Hong Groups has enabled our service team to reach out to distant customers in an efficient and effective way.

Since then, our technical support team has provided excellent after-sales support for overseas customers within a relatively short time.