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Load Monitoring Solutions for the Offshore Industry

MSL Oilfield Services is a specialist engineering company with more than 45 years experience in the design, manufacture, supply and maintenance of load monitoring devices.

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MSL Oilfield Services is a specialist engineering company with more than 45 years experience in the design, manufacture, supply and maintenance of load monitoring devices.

We supply off-the-shelf solutions for load cells, shear pins and load shackles with custom-designed products for requirements such as single-point and multi-point mooring systems, as well as spreader beams for motor vehicle production lines.

All of MSL’s manufacturing is undertaken in the UK and the company has established a worldwide reputation for quality and reliability, consistently achieving the highest customer satisfaction and retention rates. This dedication is backed by our ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System. In addition, MSL manufactures ATEX / IECEx certified products under a Quality Assurance Notification (QAN).

MSL manufactures load monitoring devices for fixed and running-line tension load measurement equipment for offshore applications.
Our ‘Safe-T-Weigh’ range of wireless telemetry load cells is designed for load monitoring equipment.
Our shear pin load cells are available pre-installed and calibrated, or retrofitted into existing installations.
We offer strain gauge shear pin load cells, which are designed to provide a signal output proportional to the applied load.

MSL maintains a comprehensive in-house test facility for its own design and manufacturing requirements, and also provides a calibration service for client equipment. This ensures clients that our single load cells and system engineering products adhere to necessary safety requirements.

Wireless telemetry load cells for offshore environments

MSL manufactures the ‘Safe-T-Weigh’ range of wireless telemetry load cells for underhook weighing and in-line tension applications. The units are supplied with a working load limit (WLL) from 2t to 150t and an accuracy within 1% of actual reading.

Safe-T-weigh load cells have an environmental protection factor of IP 65 and an operating temperature range between -10°C and 40°C.

The load cells use established wireless technology that uses a robust 2.4GHz spread spectrum radio that can shift between frequency channels to enable accurate load readings across distances more than 100m and offer a battery life in excess of 70 hours using standard AA/LR6 cells.

The Safe-T-Weigh Handheld Readout shows real-time applied load values using 15mm-high digits with display backlighting. Additional standard features include push button tare, peak hold and a unit conversion function that alters the displayed load between pounds, tonnes, metric tons, kilograms and short tons.

Safe-T-Weigh is also available with an optional wireless interface for laptop or desktop computers to enable data logging.

MSL’s Safe-T-Weigh products benefit from a two-year warranty, which demonstrates a long-lasting commitment to quality and customer support.

Shear pin load cells for adverse applications

MSL supplies load pins for a wide range of working loads and applications. This includes bridles, chain stoppers, mooring hooks, shackles and subsea operations such as cable and pipeline laying at depths exceeding 1,500m and bespoke projects.

Their robust stainless-steel construction offers an operating temperature range between -50°C and 70°C, making them suitable for harsh environments.

Our shear pin load cells can be supplied pre-installed and calibrated, or retrofitted into existing installations for refurbishment works.

MSL can custom-build load pins rated between 1t and 1,000t.

Load shackles for reliable monitoring

The MSL range of load shackles provides a reliable method of monitoring loads in adverse conditions and applications.

The company uses advanced strain-gauging techniques and waterproof plugs and sockets to ensure reliability and waterproofing of load cells during prolonged submersion.

Our load shackles can be used to monitor tensile loads in applications with limited headroom.

MSL load shackles feature radio telemetry, which provides an operating range greater than 100m, and can be used in ambient temperatures from -10°C to 50°C with WLLs from 25t to 600t.

Mooring load monitoring systems

MSL provides high-performance solutions for fixed and running line tension load monitoring on single and multi-point mooring systems, semi-submersible rig anchors, floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) systems, and tension leg platforms.

Our custom-designed microprocessor controls can provide real-time measurement, analysis, data storage, and hard copy.

MSL’s systems are suitable for installation in zone 1 hazardous areas and can provide safety alarms and interfaces to your own systems.

Crane safety and on-hook weighing solutions

MSL develops advanced load monitoring and crane protection solutions for an extensive array of heavy lifting and container-handling equipment.

Our systems can both be permanently installed or portable, and incorporate reliable and cost-effective radio telemetry systems. The crane safety system can be integrated into the crane structure or connected through a line monitor, load measuring shackle socket.

In addition to overload protection, our crane systems provide asymmetric load measurement, slack rope detection and inclinometer data. They can accommodate single or multi-point weighing and ensure safety through our fail-safe circuitry.

MSL systems can also be interfaced to the crane’s programmable logic controller (PLC) or other control systems. Our crane and on-hook weighing systems are suitable for adverse environments.

We also manufacture weighing systems designed for hazardous areas and explosive atmospheres, in addition to a range of portable wireless load indicators for quick and simple on-hook weighing and crane applications.

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